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Four Seasons Downtown New York Hosts Gemfields X Sandy Leong Jewelry Collection For The Holidays

The Four Seasons Downtown Manhattan, which opened in 2016, will host a new collaboration between ruby ​​and emerald mining giant Gemfields and New York jeweler Sandy Leong, with a pop-up in the Amaranth floral boutique until to December 10. Then the gems and recycled gold jewelry will be placed in the hotel lobby display cases until the end of the month. Interested customers staying at the property, which also has a residence, can purchase items directly by adding a fee to their tab for a seamless shopping experience. The collection marks the second time Leong has partnered with the gemstone leader and will donate ten percent of the proceeds from the sale to the new Gemfields Foundation which supports mining communities through infrastructure, reforestation and education.

The partnership was celebrated with a dinner for the press, stylists and influencers at The Cut, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant on the property with guests browsing the products on display at the Amaranth floral store, which opened hours earlier. (The florist supplies the hotel with its raised buds and petals.) The location made perfect sense for Leong, who aims to support other New York-based companies like Amaranth, and the hotel chain shares the travel philosophy and exploration intrinsic to Leong’s jewelry labeling.

Leong co-founder and brand manager Shannon Broyles-Beale put the jeweler in touch with the hotel’s fashion division which introduces and supports collaborations on the property. Considering Leong’s inspiration for using the bright green and red stones, the flower shop was suitable. “I designed the Sol collection in 2020 while sheltering in the Hamptons during the pandemic,” Leong said. “As I was playing tennis in my down jacket from late winter to early spring, the barren, brown landscape started to sprout these little green buds,” she added of the gold coins. matt and emerald.

Debuting at the event, Leong added five new pieces to the Sol collection using Gemfields’ other product, the Ruby. Red signifies the celebration that everyone expects from Leong. “The Chinese use red to celebrate. It represents dynamism, vitality, health, wealth, luck and fortune, and the collection looks like me. The past 18 months have been horrible, and it’s time to celebrate! Sales of the Sol collection will donate 10% of proceeds to Gemfileds Foundation community and conservation projects in sub-Saharan Africa. The five new pieces – in recycled 18k yellow gold and responsible-sourced Gemfields ruby ​​from its Montepuez mine in Mozambique – include a choker, two ring styles, earrings and mini hoops, and their price ranges from $ 1,700 to $ 22,000.

For Gemfields, the fit with Leong was natural. According to Emily Dungey, Director of Marketing and Communications at Gemfields and Managing Director of the Gemfields Foundation, Leong’s organic focus on sustainability since the brand’s inception in 2013, as well as its “like-minded responsible business practices , coupled with a shared love of colorful gemstones, make Sandy a perfect match for Gemfields. ”The two companies first teamed up in 2019, when Gemfields approached her to design a capsule collection using Zambian emeralds from Originally responsible for the Walk for Giants campaign for the benefit of Space for Giants, an international conservation organization protecting the landscapes supporting the remaining African elephants.

Leong had seen the Gemfields Foundation in action earlier this year. A Hamptons pop-up showcasing the collection allowed ten percent of the proceeds to go to a school built in Madagascar, which has 195 students. “From August to October of this year, the Foundation built a school to educate women, and our recipes have specifically contributed to this project. They not only have access to clean drinking water, but they also learn to cultivate and learn a trade, ”Leong shared. “I was drawn to the charitable work that Gemfields has done because for every shovelful of soil they remove to mine stones, infill, replant and reforest the area and help build infrastructure in these communities . ”

The Foundation, formed earlier this year in January, has also provided 4,000 solar lamps to displaced families living in temporary camps due to recent incidents of violence in Mozambique. Next, they aim to provide an educational computer lab in Mozambique and a fish farming project to provide work and income for youth in Zambia, as well as a fundraising campaign.

Gemfields currently supplies most of the world’s rough rubies and emeralds, supplying 60% of mined rubies and 35% of emeralds in the world. The mining company initiates activations and partnerships with jewelers to create a desire for colored gemstones. According to Dungey, the company is reporting increased awareness and demand for colored gemstones and a growing consumer understanding of the origin of a gemstone and how gemstones are responsibly mined to have a positive impact on the source country.

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