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Female Alchemy and KIL NYC launch jewelry collection

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Lips are a powerful symbol. The image of red lips evokes many things: confidence, sensuality, freedom of expression, playfulness, love or a kiss. The mouth is where words, thoughts and ideas are expressed, and its subtle movements can release an array of emotions. Miami-based ceramist Tatiana Cardona and New York-based jewelry designer and antiques dealer Konstantinos I. Leoussis have collaborated on the dynamic new capsule collection Female Alchemy, celebrating lip art through wearable jewelry.

Tatiana Cardona, founder of Female Alchemy, says, “My work began as an ode to the female artists who paved the way for the rest of us. Over time, it has since evolved into the embodiment of the fun, creative, and lively female spirit. Lips carry our words out into the world and help us articulate the messages we wish to send. My vessels carry their own message of power in feminine energy. I wanted this energy to be carried and taken with you everywhere, which is why I decided to collaborate with KIL NYC to bring my ideas to jewelry and make it more accessible to everyone.

The collection includes seven distinct designs that embrace feminine energy. Wearable for everyday glamour, each piece is available to order in sterling silver or 18k gold plating. The lip ring is available in sizes 4-10, featuring an open mouth with two front teeth for unapologetically fun ringing. Lip Hoops feature lips with an enveloping hoop-like tongue, a delightful surprise for those looking closely. For a more understated vibe, the Lip stud earrings offer the Female Alchemy look that many love, on a more subtle scale. The Vampira necklace is the perfect accessory for a date night, smiling and sweet. A standalone statement piece, the Acid Love necklace features a mouth with a dose that has a heart on it – an ode to intense travel. Your favorite necklace has a gaping lip, reminiscent of the moment before a kiss. The Lip Cuff is the trendy bracelet that every strong woman needs. Powerful, sensual and articulate, each piece in the Female Alchemy jewelry capsule collection is a talisman of the feminine spirit.

“It was an honor to work alongside Tatiana to bring this collection to life. I admire her work and the passion she puts into it is palpable. Although I am not a ceramist, I sculpted each of the pieces in our collection in wax, pretending to be working with clay. I tried to invoke Tatiana’s creative drive and I think the collection is truly amazing. Everything is handmade in New York and with lots of love,” says Konstantinos I. Leoussis.

To shop the Female Alchemy jewelry collection, go here. To contact KIL NYC, email Sales and Operations Manager, India Mankes-Falcon at [email protected]or call/text 718-909-6429.

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