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FACET and Greenland Ruby launch the first classic jewelry collection


(PRESS RELEASE) Greenland rubies in the spotlight: Yes, that’s right, we are talking about rubies mined in the southwest of this arctic island in an area called Aappaluttoq (meaning “red” in Greenlandic) about 150 km from Nuuk, the capital. These rubies are mined responsibly, adhering to the strictest human rights, labor, environmental, mining and product disclosure practices at every stage of the supply chain. For this reason, the mine has been recognized as the newest source of responsible rubies in the world.

FACET, a Spanish company, is considered one of the sustainability champions in this sector and an important driver of responsible manufacturing. In collaboration with Tracemark and Greenland Ruby, FACET launches a collection of the world’s most enduring classic jewelry featuring the oldest rubies to date (nearly 3 billion years old according to expert geological studies).

FACET also contributes to the PinkPolarBear Foundation, an independent non-profit organization created by Greenland Ruby and its partners to support all aspects of international polar research. The foundation takes a particular interest in the effects of climate change on the environment, stimulates education, understands the needs and supports the inhabitants of Greenland, animals and humans, who are affected by the accompanying cultural changes.

“Once again, FACET is taking a step towards a sustainable and responsible industry with a new alliance with Tracemark and Greenland Ruby. This collaboration symbolizes our commitment to move the industry towards a more transparent, responsible and innovative industry. — José Miguel Serret, CEO of FACET.

The exclusive 27-piece ‘FIRE UNDER ICE’ collection consists of solitaire rings, pendants and earrings with diamonds and Greenlandic rubies as the center stones of these pieces – fully traceable and with a certificate of origin – with recycled traceable gold with a CoC certificate (issued by the RJC).

Thanks to the technology offered by Tracemark, the end consumer can scan their QR code and obtain fully audited information on each step of the journey of their jewelry and components, from extraction to ownership.


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