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Explore Pharrell’s Unparalleled Jewelry Collection


Pharrell is a longtime thought leader and pioneer in music and fashion, with a jewelry collection unmatched among its peers in scope and value. From the iconic million-dollar NERD chain he commissioned from Jacob the Jeweler in 2006 to his most recent pieces such as diamond-encrusted teardrop eyeglasses made in collaboration with Tiffany & Co., the Skateboard P’s influence in the jewelry space has been felt for nearly two decades and Hypebeast explores it in the latest installment of our LABELED series.

Even before achieving A-list fame, Pharrell showed a keen interest in jewelry, attending a jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland, to learn more about the craftsmanship behind the pieces. top of the line. The rapper, producer and designer first met Jacob and Co. founder Jacob “the Jeweler” Arabo when he was just 18, and also became close with famed jewelers Lorraine Schwarz and Gabby Elan at over the years.

Her lifelong friendship with BAPE and Human Made founder Nigo heavily influenced her taste in jewelry in the 2000s, when it was often spotted in items like the aforementioned NERD chain or pendant. personalized with KAWS (another longtime friend). Blitz Character: Tall, bold, and brilliant, shrewdly adapting but never quite crossing the line into boldness. More recently, Pharrell has toned down the size, if not the vibrancy, of its jewelry choices, ranging from heart-shaped rings with gemstones designed by Schwartz to a set of grids designed by Elan that have drawn comparisons to the Infinity Stones. from Marvel, long gold and pearl necklaces and much more.

Besides being a fan and consumer, Pharrell is also a collaborator in his own right. He worked with Louis Vuitton in 2008, teaming up with then creative director Marc Jacobs and Camille Miceli for the Blason collection, which premiered during Couture Week. In 2019, Pharrell continued this effort by working with Chanel on diamond and pearl brooches, necklaces and bracelets. It’s unclear whether the Tiffany & Co. glasses he’s been wearing recently are a sign of an upcoming effort with the brand and their creative director pushing the boundaries Ruba Abu-Nimah or a bespoke one-off, but if he One thing we know about Pharrell is to expect the unexpected.

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