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Etsy is Lowkey the best place to buy jewelry online


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Trending jewelry has been everywhere for decades, but here’s what it takes to make a statement: When the 12th person on your Instagram feed does the same, the shine fades. Naturally, the hunt for untapped and under the radar brands follows, and there’s arguably no better place to find them than on Etsy.

To date, the online marketplace has 1.8 million active shops (!!) and over 45 million items for sale; within these figures, the jewels claim a fairly large space. You’ll find old and new stores offering everything from newly handcrafted pieces to vintage and made-to-order pieces from around the world.

While so many options mean a greater chance of finding something you like, the thought of sifting through endless pages of articles can (and will be) overwhelming. So in an effort to make things easier, we’ve sorted the masses to bring you a list of our favorite Etsy stores for jewelry right now, all guaranteed to have people asking you where you bought your new earrings. ears, bracelet or necklace.

Vintage RockSel

“My goal is to create a unique but simple and comfortable piece for everyday wear,” says Katelin Reeser, founder of RockSalt Vintage. This vision comes together by merging both “found” and vintage materials into truly gorgeous and minimal pieces. You’ll find plenty of bending and shaping of the metal – as seen in these line drawn earrings ($ 60) and wavy oval hoops ($ 80) – that set the line apart from your “minimal” jewelry. daily.

Vintage Persephone

While you can buy a lot more than jewelry from this vintage seller, Persephone Vintage’s selection of daring earrings, necklaces, and bracelets is arguably the star of the show. The inventory straddles different time periods, but most of what you’ll find are really playful pieces from the 1980s, like these oversized hoops ($ 115) and geometric square earrings ($ 49).


The name of Depeapa comes from the Spanish expression from pe to pa, which means “from A to Z” or “from start to finish,” which is appropriate given that the store carries everything from necklaces to notebooks. The jewelry, which usually costs between $ 20 and $ 30, is light and original; Expect lots of pastel painted clay and wood shapes, copper tubing and brass beads strung on contrasting leather and cotton cords.

Lingua Nigra

This Brooklyn-based line owned by a black woman was born out of founder Alicia G.’s love for metal and the way it takes on different textures and shapes. You’ll find some really good pieces at even higher prices – most hovering below the $ 100 mark – that are perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re looking for rings, bracelets, necklaces, simple studs, or earrings. ‘loaded ears.

Liz Lau Studio

This shop is so much fun. Every piece – whether they’re mini acrylic versions of body parts and fruits or something more sculptural – is insanely original and lively, and at such a great price (usually everything falls below $ 50) , she would make the perfect gift for anyone, especially your artist friends.

By Lia

If you’ve ever wondered about the mysteriously unlabeled tiny and delicate jewelry in the Instagram posts of your favorite bloggers, you’ll love this shop’s selection. It’s simple, trendy, and largely affordable, with most pieces – including this golden circle choker ($ 32) and those little hoops ($ 22) – under $ 50.


The designer behind Yuka has a background in architecture, and the sculptural pieces in the collection reflect that. From asymmetric earrings ($ 80) with geometric designs like these square hoop earrings ($ 30), shapes and symmetry are common themes, as are stones like lapis, quartz crystal, and jade .

Benu done

This Prague-based jewelry line combines shiny metals, bold shapes and leather textures to create some of the most playful and standout pieces on this list. Highlights include these Matisse-inspired gold-tone leather and cut-out leaf earrings ($ 38), as well as the abstract pendant necklaces ($ 42).


This minimal Parisian brand, which takes the geometric trend and runs with it, introduces shapes and silhouettes in truly fresh and original combinations. Spotlight on these matte sterling silver earrings ($ 59) and this gorgeous stackable ring set ($ 110).

Land drop

At first glance, the pieces in this boutique read like treasures from a decades-old heritage. But in fact, the jewelry here is all carefully handcrafted unique porcelain. Prices range from $ 26 for small pieces like these enameled gold studs to over $ 225 for more intricate items like this black and gold painted necklace.

Atlanta Marie

It turns out that Etsy is also a great place to shop for bridal jewelry, and Atlanta Marie is a prime example. The store offers gorgeous diamonds, simple rings, and even special vintage pieces. A wide range of prices are covered; stackable bracelets start at just $ 25, but diamond rings can go as high as $ 7,500 for something like this 18k rose gold engagement ring, and even more for personalized pieces.

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