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Entrepreneur Launches Affordable Jewelry Collection That Honors Black Women


At national scale – Wanda Jackson, after 19 years of conscientious service to the Social Security Administration, launched her Maré Sheree jewelry collection with the intention of creating an impact. She hopes her collection will become a must-have that will serve as a token of pride and boost the self-esteem of black women.

Wanda comes from a humble past, which made her dependable and empathetic in the workplace, as well as appreciating the material objects she worked hard for. As an agency phone representative, she takes her job to heart and often finds herself talking to clients through traumatic events to best resolve the challenge they are facing. Her career with the agency has positioned her on the receiving end of many callers’ tragic stories. So for her, a single purchase of something “pretty” became the bright spot of her day, a reminder that she deserves pretty things because she loves and values ​​herself.

“It’s very easy to live in this country and suffer from low self-esteem,” says Wanda. “Especially when you see people who look like you seem to struggle the most. It was a delicate, simple yet pretty ring that made a bold statement and allowed that powerful statement to sink in. I’m a beautiful person! So, I deserve pretty things! And I decided not to apologize for it. I curated an entire collection, specifically for women, especially black women like me who may have struggled with thoughts of private self-denial.

The Maré Sheree jewelry collection is a curated collection of sterling silver and gold filled designs, some accented with beautiful semi-precious or natural stones, available as earrings, stacking/interlocking rings and necklaces with pendants in styles minimalists. Her gold filled jewelry is crafted from a layering of solid gold, 14k gold leaf around a silver plated base. The timeless designs can be worn as an everyday accessory or as layered pieces for a bolder, eye-catching look. “Want to achieve a more sophisticated look? The delicate details of the Maré Sheree jewelry collection can enhance any basic ensemble.

Unlike gold-plated or sterling silver jewelry, the layers of gold are bonded together and gold-filled jewelry retains its shine, making it less likely to tarnish. Additionally, the Maré Sheree jewelry collection offers a variety of unique pieces to suit everyone’s personal preferences, all within a modest budget. Now everyone can have access to stylish and affordable jewelry.

And while Ma Chérie translates directly from French Romance to English as ma bonne dame, Ms. Jackson readily admits that the concept of the name Maré Sheree is a mixture of the names of her two sisters. Her older sister, whose middle name is ‘Sheree’ and her younger sister, ‘Marie’, who died recently after a fierce battle with breast cancer. Each piece in the Maré Sheree jewelry collection is hand selected. The entire collection is named after Ms. Jackson’s biological sisters and inspired by her mission to always encourage other women to remember that they themselves are worthy.

“We women always put last. Try whatever makes you feel good. From now on, let’s remember that we are so precious that we can own pretty things and a piece of this world.

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“I’m so honored to be able to take my personal struggle and use it as inspiration so other women can have something beautiful of their own. May we all feel beautiful and stay inspired in all of this. we do,” W. Jackson (Owner, Maré Sheree Jewelry Collection).

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All earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants are nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic, causing no irritation to sensitive skin. All purchases come in boutique-style packaging for a finer presentation. All in-stock items ship the next business day. Maré Sheree Jewelry ships all over the world and is an ideal gift for customers all over the world. For more information, please contact Ms. W. Jackson with any questions via message at (302) 200-6050 or

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