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Elie Top launches a new jewelry collection with Zara


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There’s costume jewelry and then there’s costume jewelry, the kind of pieces that inspire fun and offer a little larger-than-life character. Elie Top’s (formerly of Lanvin and now known for his eponymous label) new jewelry collaboration with Zara certainly falls into the latter category. A capsule of coins that pays homage to the buzzing of bees on those delicious, sun-drenched days – those with the sweetness of honey – was born out of an appreciation of the “Song of the Earth” and the dreamy patterns of the natural world. And of course, true to form, the pieces encapsulate her appreciation of not only the lightness of essence, but the eye-catching and even voluminous design of costume jewelry.

We spoke with the designer of the 16-piece collection, which launched today. About his inspiration, he had this to say: “To be honest, the ‘Song of the Earth’ is pretty glorious – and the inspiration next to that was the sunflower. It came to me immediately, it’s the first thing I started sketching.. I wanted something graphic and quite big because it’s costume jewelry, and a statement piece, that’s how I like to do it. came the bees and a feeling of reverie. I contemplated life and nature.

Among the whimsical and kinetic pieces he created, he also mentioned a unique trait of the bee, which was incorporated into the design: “I discovered the language of the bee between them – they make lines special flights to communicate with each other, in loops – and this has become integrated into the jewelry in a poetic and graphic way.”

Shop our favorites from the collection below.

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