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Drake has the best jewelry collection in the world, take a look!


Drake has always turned heads when spotted wearing fashionable, expensive, and bespoke jewelry, and his extensive collection is arguably one of the best in the world.

Aubrey Drake Graham, who goes by his stage name Drake, has consistently been ranked among the highest paid entertainers in the world. Struggling to make ends meet, Drake was fifteen when he landed a role in Degrassi: the next generation, a Canadian teen television series. Inspired by hit rappers, he began his journey as Drake in 2006 and signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment in 2009. A year later, his debut album earned him mainstream success, and his albums and subsequent releases were multi-platinum hits. He earns additional income from his tours, special performances, and brand endorsements. The rapper has amassed a whopping $250 million fortune.

Drake also makes sure to make lavish purchases that match his style, from expensive clothes to supercars worth millions. The rapper also has an extensive jewelry collection, from rare diamond necklaces to diamond-encrusted watches. A collection like no other, let’s look at Drake’s jewelry collection.


ten Homer Drake Necklace

Drake turned heads in March 2022 when he arrived for a Toronto Raptors game against the Los Angeles Lakers wearing a one-of-a-kind necklace. According to GQ, the 127.5-carat diamond necklace is created by Frank Ocean’s luxury brand Homer and costs a whopping $1.9 million. It is adorned with 9,226 orb diamonds in white gold with a pendant in the shape of spherical paws in the center. Only one other person has worn the necklace, Frank Ocean himself, to the 2021 Met Gala.

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9 Stone Island Medallion

Drake has been a huge fan of Italian luxury brand Stone Island for many years and is often seen donning an outfit by the designer. In 2017, the rapper asked Ben Baller to design a gold and diamond encrusted Stone Island logo chain worth $100,000. It featured green, black and yellow diamonds weighing 880 grams.

8 O Necklace

Possibly the largest necklace in his collection, the O Necklace made its Instagram debut in 2016 when Drake uploaded a photo with the caption of Channing Tatum. Drake purchased the necklace during his fourth studio album, Views, discontinued in April. It features a massive “O” pendant encrusted with diamonds from each direction.

seven OVO Owl Necklace

In 2018, Drake texted jewelry designer Jason Arasheben that he had a special project for him. The rapper clarified that he wanted a chain with an owl for a pendant. It took six weeks to create the custom chain with 100-carat Asscher-cut diamonds, as noted by High Snobiety. The chain was delivered to Drake in a diamond cage containing the unique owl. Drake often wears the collar around his neck.

6 Cartier Love Bracelet

As a lover of fine jewelry, it’s no surprise that Drake owns the celebrity-favorite Love de Cartier bracelet. He has them in white gold, yellow gold and diamonds. The design was first introduced in 1979 and has been worn by celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor. Drake was first spotted wearing them in 2018 and has been a regular fixture at many events.

5 Diamond Rolex Sky-Dweller

While featured on a DJ Khaled track, Drake appeared in the clip wearing a Rolex Sky-Dweller. A regular watch comes with a sapphire blue case and strap, but the rapper was seen wearing one with a white gold case. In addition to 18k white gold, it also has baguette-cut diamond hour markers and a crushed iced dial.

4 Adonis Necklace

Drake’s 35th birthday was a big celebration and the rapper received many gifts from his famous friends. One of the giveaways that stood out was a necklace donated by Young Thug. As mentioned by HypeBeast, it was personalized by Eliantte, and the heavy pendant came with the OVO logo covered in diamonds from all directions. The back featured a photo of Drake and Adonis from the 2021 Billboard Music Awards and his son’s name engraved in stones.

3 Diamond 6 Chain

Two years before receiving the Adonis Necklace, Drake received another ice cold gift to celebrate his birthday. Lil Wayne gave her a diamond encrusted necklace from Eliantte. He had a large pendant with the number ‘6’, which refers to Drake’s song 6ix God. Drake often counts six, since that’s the area code for Toronto, and calls himself the self-proclaimed god of the rap scene in Toronto.

2 100 Carat Heart Necklace

Drake casually gave up $1 million in 2020 to buy a personalized heart-shaped necklace from Gemma Fine Jewelry. The piece was commissioned to be made from 22-carat heart-shaped diamonds to create a long chain. The complex process was time-consuming and took seven months to complete to perfection.

1 Custom Toronto Raptors Championship Ring

As an ambassador and spokesperson for his home NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, Drake first unveiled the 2018-19 championship rings on his Instagram account. The large rings were adorned with 16 rubies and 650 diamonds to represent playoff victories through to the Finals, as Complex said.. Drake’s personalized ring was crafted by Jason of Beverly Hills and came with 30-carat diamonds.

A follower of the finer things in life, Drake does not hesitate to show off his breathtaking jewelry on social networks via his Instagram account. He often buys expensive jewelry to treat himself and even receives lavish birthday gifts. The rapper continues to add jewelry to his collection and make music. His last album, Honestly it doesn’t matterwas released in June 2022.

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