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Discover the VERGE concrete jewelry collection by Lily Toya

True to her distinctive minimalist style, the designer Lily toya released a new jewelry collection: EDGE. By fusing concrete with brightly colored metals, each design is sure to brighten up your everyday wardrobe pieces. The collection includes four models of necklaces: Tessera, Diatomi, Orbis and Platera, as well as two models of earrings: Linea and Minimis. There is a balance in every room between concrete and color, with powder coated metals springing from the concrete to convey presence.

Diatom Necklace

The Israel-born New York resident started out as an interior design student, but found herself fascinated by concrete and its possibilities. The experience of digital design and manufacturing has enabled Lily Toya to reinvent the material, which will soon become her creative goal and passion. Every jewelry creation begins with a simple sketch which is then translated into a 3D design before being tested with 3D printed molds. Finally, a custom concrete mix is ​​poured, resulting in the original pieces.

Colorful concrete earrings on a white background

Minimis earrings

Architectural and site influences are clear in every element of VERGE, shattering any expectations we might have of concrete as a material. Lily Toya examined the shapes of steel and iron embedded in concrete and transformed them into a meaningful aesthetic. Rather than being weighed down and heavy, VERGE’s detailed designs have a light, crisp and elegant feel with a unique texture.

Colorful round concrete clamp on white background

Orbis necklace

The VERGE collection is available in a fun color palette that includes Zinc Yellow, Desert Sand, Light Pink, Patina Green, and Charcoal Suede Blue. Now available in the Design Milk Shop here!

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