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Discover the new Koenigsegg jewelry collection available now

Koenigsegg gives a whole new meaning to luxury accessories.

The auto industry offers a list of hypercar manufacturers who have set out to churn out some of the fastest production chassis on the planet while creating a luxury lifestyle around the idea of ​​owning multi-million dollar vehicles. dollars. Koenigsegg is proud to operate as a small-batch brand that aims to deliver a unique driving and ownership experience to hypercar collectors around the world. In addition to its range of record-breaking vehicles, Koenigsegg is proud to present its new jewelry line which complements the style of the Swedish brand.

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The Koenigsegg jewelry collection offers a range of unique unisex designs crafted from precious metals, stones and genuine leather. The famous Koenigsegg crest, logo and ghost icon are proudly displayed on luxury belts, bracelets, chains, pendants, rings and cufflinks. The jewelry collection helps diversify the Koenigsegg brand, allowing the automotive world to make a luxurious impression on some of the world’s most essential products. The brand new collection of Koenigsegg jewelry is currently available starting at $150 by clicking the link below. Check back in duPont REGISTRY Daily for more luxury lifestyle news and gear releases.

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