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Discover De Beers’ first collection of men’s jewelery


London—De Beers is jumping on the gender-neutral jewelry bandwagon.

This month, the company is rolling out its new “RVL” collection, marketed as an all-gender affair.

De Beers said the collection was all about self-expression and celebrating the uniqueness of the wearer.

It is also informed by the idea of ​​hidden depths and messages. The brand name, pronounced “ar-vee-el”, is meant to mean the word “reveal”.

The concept of secret meanings is exemplified in the line’s design, which features concave lines of diamonds on pendants, bracelets, bands and signet rings resembling dog tags, almost like a code.

These dog tag-like pendants are available in 18-karat white gold paved with diamonds or in titanium and 18-karat rose gold.

From the side view, De Beers says these indentations give the impression of a gear, but one can also imagine them as subtly resembling the outline of the letters “D” and “B” for the brand name.

“The beauty of this collection is that there is no prescription on who should wear these pieces or how they should be styled; it is entirely up to the wearer,” said Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewelers.

“The designs feature a secret code, but they also reflect visible ridges in the rocks, which reveal the history of the land in which our diamonds naturally formed. De Beers RVL serves to signify both our commitment to designing jewelry that allows our customers to express who they are and our heritage as pioneers of diamond perfection.

The collection’s ad campaign features an androgynous model (whose name was unavailable at press time) decked out in the latest pieces.

While gender-neutral jewelry may be widely in fashion, De Beers is more singular in its approach to metals in the collection.

Composed of seven pieces, the new collection

Composed of seven pieces, the new “RVL” collection includes two pendants, two rope and metal bracelets, two rings and a signet ring.

Yellow gold is undoubtedly the hottest metal around, but in “RVL”, De Beers delves into other nuances.

There are styles in 18k white gold with white diamonds as well as versions rendered in 18k rose gold with dark gray titanium. The bracelets feature metal bars on black cords.

The collection may be genderless, but it looks like men’s offerings, which may be why the styles are listed on the De Beers website under their respective product categories, like rings, as well as on the men’s page.

RVL is available now at and in stores worldwide. The collection sells for $950 to $5,900.

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