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Dior’s Rose des Vents jewelry collection is full of lucky charms


A classic investment jewel or watch is never only an accessory, there is always a rich history behind. In the new series of W Rock stars, we explore what makes legacies past, present and future so unique.

Humans throughout time have been eager to predict their own future. We have often turned to the divine sciences to help us make decisions. The other night, for entertainment, I spammed my boyfriend’s phone with a series of Aries memes (he’s Phone an Aries). As a millennial, I love astrology. It is an interest that we young people have a bad reputation for having left to ourselves. As frivolous and unreliable as the medium may be, I find myself comforted by glimpses of the months ahead and assurances of my predetermined personality traits.

It turns out that I share this quality of curious future with Monsieur Dior, founder of the Christian Dior house who was born in 1905. According to his autobiography, the superstitious creator often consulted clairvoyants and allowed symbols and prophecies to influence his trajectory. Legend has it that Dior was inspired to start his eponymous house when he almost tripped over a star while walking up the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. This lucky star has since become an important symbol in Dior’s lexicon. Many collections, even some of those produced today, have made reference to the designer’s passion for the divinatory arts.

The Compass The collection of fine jewelry is one that shares divine inspiration. In these simple and elegant pieces, imagined by the Artistic Director of Jewelry, Victoire de Castellane, the house’s lucky star is transformed into a Rose des Vents, a universal symbol of travel and adventure. This eight-point symbol combines the couturier’s favorite number (eight), the flower (a rose), and the symbol (a star).

For its latest release, the collection is enriched with bracelets, necklaces and studs in pink, white and yellow gold, with lucky medallions. Emerald and malachite greens intertwine with mother of pearl and diamonds on the cuffs and a four row necklace. One of the flagship pieces, a multicolored choker, is punctuated with diamonds in a grain of rice setting. On some pieces, new charms, called Celestial Rose, shows a yellow gold sun or shimmering moon sharing the coin with the iconic star, and can be worn with either facing forward.

If you need a lucky charm or a little inspiration for the future like me and Monsieur Dior, the complete collection is available on

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