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Anna Maria Mazaraki, the famous Greek jewelry designer, started her success story by designing jewelry for her friends. Finally, design became his passion and his profession.

Mazaraki launched its first jewelry store in 2000, and now it has 24 stores across Greece and Cyprus displaying its unique designs.

“In a country surrounded by the sea, like Greece, the trendiest color is turquoise, I love pairing it with yellow gold,” Mazaraki said, adding that she liked the smooth texture of the turquoise stone associated with metal. , white pearl, coral and incredible enamel on silver.

Mazaraki pointed out that she makes jewelry to wear with t-shirts, jeans, kaftans, light and comfortable clothing, considering that a piece of jewelry can play a special role in improving the look and outfit in adding charm and glamor.

Mazaraki explained that jewelry fashion has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. With fewer events and celebrations in the world, she considered designing jewelry that could be worn with everyday outfits to make every woman feel happier, lighter and more optimistic. They can also be wonderful gifts for our loved ones.

According to Mazaraki, short light chains, hoops of all sizes, wrist chains and plain rings with interesting shapes are the main fashion trends.

“Each season, we design approximately 1,500 different pieces, some intended as small or large gifts, and others for personal use. For this reason, we have both classic and modern pieces. We also make new parts every two to three weeks, so customers always have a wide variety to choose from, ”Mazaraki said.

Mazaraki explained that there are two types of women who buy jewelry: women who adore jewelry and women who buy for a woman who adores jewelry. Women who adore jewelry can see 100 options in the display case and zero in the design that they will love. Everyone else needs guidance to make their donation have the right effect.

Speaking about the future of online shopping, Mazaraki assured that purchases are meant to satisfy a need, as well as to satisfy the urge to touch, smell and smell. Therefore, online shopping will always follow the physical store. This is why most stores offer online pickups to help the customer collect what they bought online.

Every brand needs the heartwarming presence of a salesperson to explain and embody the brand. Online is impersonal. Mazaraki also added that the sales people in the store give you the opportunity to see how the jewelry can be worn and imagine it on yourself.

“A woman is more beautiful when she feels confident and beautiful. Jewelry is one of the things that makes us more confident because it improves the way we are seen by the world. The jewelry you choose shows your taste and your personality to people better than words, ”she said.

Mazaraki advises women to never fall victim to fashion and simply choose what suits them. Always wear eye-shaped jewelry, don’t buy a ring that’s too small in the hope that it will one day fit, and never buy a pair of earrings over 6 grams.

“I don’t believe in basic jewelry. Jewelry is a passion. Some women like very ostentatious jewelry, others like tiny, understated pieces. Choose whatever makes you feel more beautiful and confident, ”Mazaraki added.

“I worked in advertising for 16 years. I had two children and started making jewelry for my friends. I realized that by the time they bought a piece, they considered it old and wanted something new, so I realized I had to provide affordable yet luxurious jewelry. The hobby has turned into a business and we now have 24 stores in Greece and Cyprus, ”Mazarki said.

Mazaraki urges and advises those who want to be creative, to believe in themselves, to challenge their comfort zones and to understand that jewelry should be worn by real people.

“We don’t make sculptures; we have to do things with which women will feel more beautiful and more empowered, ”Mazaraki stressed. Mazaraki explained that no one can be successful without a great team and a family to keep your feet on the ground.

“Jewelry has been made over the past 2,500 years and will continue to be designed whether we live on Earth or on the Moon,” Mazaraki said. “Women have always been in fashion. Looks can change, but the desire to be unique is still there. That’s what I like, ”she added.

As for her favorite fashion trend, Mazaraki loves wearing thin rings on each finger, but she hates the idea of ​​spider and snake shaped pieces on the body. Mazaraki has stated that her grandmother’s wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry she owns.

She recommends wearing various chains layered around the neck with tiny earrings and cuffs that can be worn all day. Mazaraki also added that turquoise stones give off energy while amethyst stones have positive energy and pearls are just beautiful.

Mazaraki also recommended that you do not use hand lotion or alcohol on your jewelry as it will cloud the stones. Also, wear your pearls as often as you can, as they will “die” if they are not in contact with your body for a long time.

“It’s not what she wears that can show whether a woman is fashionable or not, it’s the way she wears it. It is the air in its movement. Any woman who is confident in her skin, who knows what she wants, who knows her limits and who has a vision, is a fashionable and elegant woman, ”Mazaraki said.

Mazaraki’s designs are influenced and inspired by her clients, the sea, the books she reads and the movies.

In general, Mazaraki explained that women around the Mediterranean Sea have always worn jewelry, so it is very easy to find ideas in historical pieces and in what is worn on the streets. As Egypt and Greece have a unique historical and cultural relationship, Mazaraki is intrigued by styles and designs that could come from mixing the two cultures.

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