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DC Comics Poison Ivy Gets Her Own Jewelry Collection From RockLove



RockLove is no stranger to cheesy jewelry, and it looks like the company is continuing to expand its catalog. Out of DC Comics, the beautifully green seductress Poison Ivy gets her own collection of jewelry. Inspired by the villain of DC Comics, this collection captures the green of its design with every piece in the collection. There are ten magnificent pieces coming out of this collection which are priced between $ 60 and $ 199. From ivy-shaped earrings, necklaces and rings, the green gem in the center will be a real eye-catcher on you. The DC x RockLove Poison Ivy Stacker Rings are my favorite and give collectors a unique flair for their own wardrobe. Show off the beauty and sin of Poison Ivy with this truly stunning collection from RockLove that fans can find here.

Developing its official collaboration with DC, RockLove Jewelry is launching the Poison Ivy collection, inspired by fan favorite femme fatale. The new pieces inspire her naturist being through ivy and vine engraving techniques, charms and crystals shimmering greens – a sterling silver extension of the character’s floral connections. To symbolize Poison Ivy’s most powerful captivating ability, the new collection flares rustic charm and is intricately designed to shine from within. The line is composed ten new coins priced at $ 60 to $ 199 per coin and is available at “

“Poison Ivy’s evil superpowers come from a benevolent place,” said Allison Cimino, CEO and Designer of RockLove. “Ivy has a deep respect for Mother Nature and is determined to protect her in any way necessary. I have always admired this character because of this relevant parallel. Although she lives in the DC Universe, she portrays an environmentalist. passionate about sustainability Her empathy for other women also reflects modern feminism, making her origin story one of the most powerful and useful among the group of villains. “

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