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DANAT Educates Bahrain on the Scientific Basis of Unique Jewelry Design | THE DAILY TRIBUNE


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The Bahrain Institute of Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) hosted several Bahraini jewelry entrepreneurs. The event is part of DANAT’s support for national energies and its commitment to contribute to the capacity building of young people in fields related to pearls and precious stones.

Several DANAT experts met with Bahraini entrepreneurs attending the event and briefed them on the scientific basis and correct principles in the field of jewelry design, testing and reporting.

The participants learned about the unique services offered by the institute in the field of training. An explanation was provided to participants about a training program offered by DANAT in cooperation with the Gemological Society in the UK (Gem-A), making DANAT the first accredited Gem-A teaching center in the Middle East.

Gem-A is the oldest global gemstone and jewelry education provider in the world with a cumulative experience of 110 years. The program consists of foundation courses and an accredited degree, and it targets people who are looking to improve their expertise and skills in the jewelry industry or to obtain a career in this field.


The event introduced the working mechanism of the DANAT laboratory in the examination and classification of pearls and precious stones, highlighting how to grant it an internationally accredited certificate, what equipment the laboratory uses, the employees who work there, and their area of ​​study and expertise.

Ms. Layal Bushehri Layal Bushehri, Public Relations and Marketing Communications Manager at DANAT, explained that these events aim to raise awareness among Bahraini entrepreneurs about ideas or projects related to jewelry design, testing and reporting.

Ms. Bushehri emphasized the importance of scientific study in this vital field by taking quality courses that sharpen the experiences of entrepreneurs and designers and empower them. Ms Bushehri said: “The increased interest in the field of jewelry design and trade in Bahrain, especially among young people, we have taken it upon ourselves at DANAT to be the umbrella for them and to provide a scientific reference reliable that helps them launch and improve their projects, improve their competitiveness and increase their ability to grow and develop further.

The director pointed out that the interest and demand for this event prompts DANAT to organize it in the form of periodic meeting programs which are organized from time to time and address the latest developments in the field of pearls, precious stones and jewelry and examine the challenges and opportunities for Bahraini youth in this area.

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