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Conversations with the Moon Jewelry Collection at Bergdorf Goodman – WWD


Jeweler Karma El Khalil has set up a residency at Bergdorf Goodman for the month of November to present her new collection, Conversations With the Moon.

“Conversations With the Moon was created during the height of the pandemic when my sleepless nights were spent drawing inspiration from the moon,” El Khalil said. “I was isolated in New York; observing the moon orbiting our earth gave me a deep sense of connection to the rest of the world. I experienced an enormous amount of beauty in what was otherwise a difficult and isolating time, and expressed my interpretation of that emotion through a collection dedicated to the moon. I couldn’t be more proud to see these pieces presented at Bergdorf Goodman, an institution with which I have always dreamed of joining the paths.

While the original collection launched in April, the designer has developed an extension to the line that includes 12 new styles that will debut in Bergdorf, exclusively, for November.

Known for incorporating gemstones into her work, Karma chose to work with tourmaline, morganite, opal, chalcedony, apatite, jade, dioptase and aquamarine for this collection. Tourmalines and apatites are representative of the moonlight reflection on water. Morganites embody shimmering pink moons, while blue chalcedony is the shadow of the waning moon.

The collection is set in 18k gold, prices range from $2,800 to $44,000. Each piece – in recycled gold and diamonds – is one of a kind.

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