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Completedworks SS22 Jewelry Collection Pushes Boundaries with Sustainable Practices

Completedworks’ upcoming Spring/Summer 2022 jewelry collection introduces sustainability practices to minimize carbon footprint. The brand has gone above and beyond to source eco-friendly materials while maintaining its signature look.

The brand’s founder, Anna Jewsbury, wanted to use resin, but was aware of the harmful effects it could have on the environment. As a result, it took months to set up a bio-resin supply chain, creating a longer production time.

“Resin as a material is really interesting to work with [and] we wanted to make sure we found a source that honored our commitment to prioritizing sustainable materials,” Jewsbury tells us via email. She continues, “Awareness and respect for materials and the environment have been important to us from the start. Working towards a sustainable practice is something that’s really important to us, whether it’s prioritizing recycled or renewable materials, offsetting packaging consumption, or trying to challenge consumerism in our design process. We are also realistic that we are not yet where we would like to be in terms of all we could do – it is a journey for us and there is still much more we can do to improve our processes.”

Signature capsule pieces include the Scrunch earrings and the Parade of Possibilities pearl necklace and bracelet set, which are made of bio-resin baroque pearls and freshwater pearls. Recycled glass is also part of the range, reused from discarded bottles and scrap windows. Anna explains: “After the past two years, introducing color into the collection seemed like a hopeful thing. Some of the pieces are completely new riffs on some of the themes we’ve been working on lately – the deceptive nature of materials. . Others are reissues of our iconic pieces, giving them new life through color.

The collection will be available on the Completedworks website in the coming days. Check out the lookbook above.

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