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Specific and compelling design inspiration (still one of my favorite topics) is essential to storytelling from an editorial standpoint but also from a product romance standpoint. With this in mind, isn’t a jewelry collection inspired by Yves Saint Laurent satisfied with ring sexy?

Dive a little deeper into the new Icon collection from Rush Jewelry Design, which references the late French designer fashion of the 1960s and 1970s, and you will find that its combination of geometries, opaque stones and ‘corduroy’ textures ‘adds up well. to something unmistakably sensual and very sophisticated.

“I always knew that I would make a collection inspired by the work of my favorite designer, Yves Saint Laurent, because many design elements in his collections create interesting jewelry,” explains the designer of the line, Jennifer Rush. “I like to look at the clothes and accessories and imagine what these pieces could translate if they weren’t made of fabric, but rather of metal. In addition to being one of the most emblematic designers of our time, YSL was above all an artist and a curator. Her ability to organize her whole life is actually what inspired me the most to focus a collection based on her fashion design elements.

Rush Jewelry Mood Board
A circulation of designer Jennifer Rush’s sketchbook showing the early phases of the Icon collection

The Icon collection pays tribute to YSL muses Victoire Doutreleau, Loulou de la Falaise and Betty Catroux. Early introductions embrace patterns that draw from a range of fashion inspirations, from clothing details and silhouettes to patterns and textures, including YSL’s famous Mondrian dress from 1965.

The color blue, expressed in sapphires and lapis lazuli, is also a theme.

“Although I started working on the designs for this collection last summer, in December we took a family trip to Marrakech,” says Rush. “Marrakech was a second home for Yves Saint Laurent and was one of his favorite places to conceive. He and his life companion Pierre Bergé are buried there. Their house is located on the property of the famous Jardin Majorelle gardens. Much of the property is painted in Cobalt Blue, which is now commonly referred to as ‘Majorelle Blue’.

“Blue is almost identical to lapis blue, so it seemed like a natural stone choice to incorporate into Icons pieces. “

Lapis necklace Rush Jewelry
Icon Victoire Matte Lapis Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold, $ 4,700

The pieces are anchored by a distinctive link, something that could be described as an oblique diamond shape or an offset parallelogram. “In general, I prefer it when things don’t fit,” says Rush. “For example, I don’t like when two earrings are exactly the same. They should be mirror images of each other, not copies. So the Victoire tie is kind of an extension of that, a set of lines blended with uneven beveled edges. “

Rush Jewelry Victoire link bracelet
Icon Victoire Link bracelet in 18k yellow gold, $ 7,900
YSL Jewelry Rush Coloring Book
A photo from Rush Jewelry Design’s 2019 lookbook, which features an image of a coloring and activity book based on the designs of Yves Saint Laurent. “In his youth and even in his early years as a designer at Dior, he was known to create beautiful paper dolls,” says Rush. “I was particularly interested in this aspect of his design process because it is so unusual. He was a master surrendered. Icon Loulou Crescent earrings, $ 3,790, and Icon Loulou Crescent pendant, $ 3,185 (chain sold separately), both in 18k yellow gold.

New “icons” will run throughout the year and will also feature opaque stones and take inspiration from other YSL fashion signatures such as fringes, suede, bell sleeves and laces.

See more of the current collection below.

Rush Jewelry Design Icon Victory Sapphire Ring
Icon Victoire Ring with Blue Sapphires in 18k Yellow Gold, $ 3,900 (also shown above)
Rush Jewelry Icon Loulou Majorelle Crescent Earrings
Icon Majorelle Crescent Earrings with Lapis in 18k Yellow Gold, $ 3,950
Rush Jewelry Icon Victoire dangling earrings
Icon Victoire Drop Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold, $ 3,300
Rush Jewelry Icon Victoire Ring
Icon Victoire ring in 18k yellow gold, $ 2,650
Rush Jewelry Icon Victoire Signature Link Necklace
Icon Victoire Element Double Signature Link Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold, $ 7,200

Above: As seen in the 2019 Rush Jewelry Design lookbook, Icon Victoire ring with blue sapphires in 18k yellow gold, $ 3,900, and Icon Majorelle pendant with lapis in 18k gold, $ 4,990, and the dress 1965 YSL iconic Mondrian

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