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Chopard’s new high jewelry collection celebrates 75 years of cinema – Robb Report

Caroline Scheufele’s cinematic fandom is on full display in her latest Red Carpet Haute Joaillerie collection for Chopard, and for good reason: the iconic jewelry house celebrates its 25e anniversary of the sponsorship of the Cannes Film Festival, which celebrates its 75e premier year for high-powered cinema amid the spectacular vistas and luxury hotels that line the Boulevard de la Croisette.

Chopard Red Carpet Collection emerald and diamond watch


And so atop the Hotel Martinez, amidst a flower-filled rooftop terrace and penthouse suite that Chopard regularly passes throughout the entire 12-day event, the jeweler showcased its latest one-of-a-kind pieces, 75 in total to honor the anniversary of the festival, in a collection called “Chopard Loves Cinema”. Scheufele says she starts working on the next high jewelry collection as soon as the previous year’s festival ends, and for such an important occasion, the idea of ​​honoring cinema with spectacular jewelry seemed completely natural. to the co-president and artistic director of Chopard.

Julia Roberts in Chopard's Red Carpet collection, sapphire and diamond

Julia Roberts with Caroline Scheufele in Chopard

Gisele Schober; Courtesy of Chopard

A few very popular movie renditions may strike some as a bit on the nose, like a diamond necklace framing a heart-shaped sapphire that’s inspired by Titanic (and indeed resembles the look of the memorable piece from that movie), or the necklace made from over 550 carats of gemstones and showcasing a colorful pendant shaped to look like a peace sign, a nod to the years 1979 Hair.

Chopard "Outside of Africa" Red Carpet Collection Necklace

Chopard “Out of Africa” ​​Red Carpet Collection Necklace


The real stunners of the collection were less literal, like the yellow and white diamond necklace adorning an oversized medallion, which also detaches to be worn as a brooch; like Scheufele’s clever homage to Outside of Africa, the medallion gives the impression that it could be equal parts sunshine and lion’s mane. A ring made of pink sapphires set in 18k gold to look like rose petals, with a two-carat white diamond nestled within, was part of a lush floral group designed to pay homage to my lovely lady. Scheufele’s love for Alfred Hitchcock and the 1955s To catch a thiefmeanwhile, is seen in a diamond necklace that showcases a flawless 13.69-carat D-grade diamond, created to honor the unforgettable scene between Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in her character’s hotel suite. Carlton, located a few steps from the Hotel Martínez.

Chopard "To catch a thief" diamond necklace

Chopard diamond necklace “To catch a thief”


Dramatic stones are indeed the hallmark of a high jewelry collection, and Scheufele presented this idea via the large pink and blue diamonds that top a pair of sapphire and white diamond earrings, a Ceylon sapphire 20.40 carats set in 18k white Fairmined gold. on a ring, or emeralds mixed with white diamonds on a floral-inspired wristwatch. Chopard has also demonstrated its acute agility with titanium in fine jewelry, most notably in the pink Scheufele brooch designed to honor Charlie Chaplin. city ​​lights and the flower his famous “Little Tramp” hugs at the end of the film. Crafted in black and white diamonds set in Fairmined white gold and black titanium, the brooch honors not only Chaplin’s 1931 black and white film, but the beauty of cinema as a whole. Julia Roberts, the jeweler’s latest ambassador, obviously agrees: she wore the brooch at the Chopard Trophy dinner on May 19.

Chopard "city ​​lights" Red Carpet Collection Brooch

Chopard “City Lights” Brooch Red Carpet Collection


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