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Chopard unveils the small intimate jewelery collection “My Happy Hearts”


Chopard says its new “My Happy Hearts” is a versatile line of small heart-shaped jewels in different colors and materials designed to add intimate personal accents to the overall look or moods.

“They are the discreet emblems of an emancipated generation, and the mark of a reinvented relationship to oneself,” said the Swiss luxury brand in a press release. “It’s a gift we give ourselves.”

The collection is an extension of her famous “Happy Hearts” jewelry on a smaller, more intimate scale. It consists of necklaces, chain bracelets, rings and earrings based on the principle of one heart. Pieces are available in ethical 18k rose or white gold. The heart of each piece is made of carnelian, mother-of-pearl or diamonds. The collection’s rings and earrings are also available with a dancing diamond.

The heart is an essential symbol of Chopard that has been reinvented by capturing its essence, while being redesigned “in a miniature format while maintaining the formal perfection of its curves”, said Chopard. “A symbol that is both soothing and conveys a soothing message, filled with tenderness, giving free rein to limitless creativity in the way of wearing the different jewels in the collection. It is a mood, attitude or spiritual thought encapsulated in jewelry.

The collection is versatile, adds the luxury brand. Worn alone, in a minimalist version, each piece becomes the embodiment of the expression “less is more”. However, its small size allows the pieces to be worn in multiple ways, depending on the mood, the seasons, or to match outfits.

“The discretion and delicacy of My Happy Hearts leave room for endless combinations,” says Chopard. “To accumulate them is to build the thread of an intimate story.”

The company further notes that the earrings can be acquired individually for more flexibility and creativity: to be worn alone, in a group, on one ear or asymmetrically.

“Whether a woman is in sneakers or stilettos, at the office or at the beach, My Happy Hearts lends itself to all transformations,” says Chopard. “In each situation, they accompany bursts of life, allowing everyone to invent free gestures by arranging and wearing them. They are hearts in all states and directions, stacked head to toe or majestically solo, with the tip of the heart pointing inward as a never-ending reminder of the power emanating from our own gentle gentleness.

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