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‘Camweara’ launches diamond trial for jewelry industry


(PRESS RELEASE) ModakaTech, the company behind Camweara, an augmented reality tool that allows users to virtually try on a variety of jewelry, has launched the Real-Time Diamond Trial.

It helps customers try diamonds of different carat sizes and shapes on live video from mobile or wearable camera. Camweara is the first tool to provide a real-time experience on websites.

One of the main issues we hear from retailers is that their customers are often confused about each carat size or different shape when worn on their finger.

“Camweara Diamond Try On offers retailers a significant advantage when buying diamond jewelry, their customers will be able to view different carats, shapes of diamonds on their hand with just a few clicks, which I believe is a game changer for choosing the right diamond” Founder of ModakaTech says Vedant B Hegde.

It can be easily integrated with retailer website platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento or Custom in a day.

User response has been overwhelmingly positive and I believe this will attract a significant number of new users to existing and new customers.


“Camweara is becoming the most popular jewelry trial among many popular jewelers based in the US, UK and Asia, as it offers a seamless experience supported by accurate, fast and lightweight AI” , reiterates Vedant B Hegde. Continuing, he says, “Being the first in the industry is just not enough, being the last in the e-commerce industry is what we strive for.”

As the world emerges from the pandemic, virtual try-on is one of the key elements that builds buyer confidence, bringing offline store experience to your fingertips is our ultimate goal.

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