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The e-commerce business model has transformed businesses around the world.

Jewelry retailing is an industry where the ability to buy wholesale silver jewelry online and gold and gemstone jewelry have had a significant impact on the volume of business and the variety of products offered.

With the use of traditional business practices giving way to a more streamlined online approach, retailers around the world are finding it easier to accommodate special requests and are offering a greater variety of products to appeal to a wider range of customers.

Ease of online ordering

The growing dependence on online wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers also means that retailers have an easier time maintaining sufficient stock of their top selling styles and designs. With more and more manufacturers offering their products online, retailers can choose from many sites offering similar styles and materials.

It also makes it easier to fill special requests. Retailers can browse many websites and find the best matches for their customers’ demands. By taking the time to shop on these wholesale websites, retailers also gain a better reputation for customer service and earn more business because they take the time to shop online.

Benefits of Bulk Shipping

The retailer can choose from a growing number of wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers online to find the perfect piece for a special demand. But they can make even more profit when they order wholesale from a single manufacturer.

Buying wholesale to take advantage of reduced shipping rates is another reason retailers plan their orders carefully. Ordering a large amount of wholesale silver jewelry in time for Valentine’s Day, for example, saves them money on total shipping. They can then offer great deals on the jewelry shipping and take advantage of the increased customer traffic due to the holidays.

Most of the quality jewelry manufacturers in the world use well-known global shipping companies that can offer tracking, insurance and guaranteed delivery in as little as three days and rarely more than thirty days. By factoring in the shipper’s schedule when planning their orders, retailers can ensure that they will never run out of stock on their most popular items.

New level of activity

With the move to an online wholesale silver jewelry ordering and payment system, retailers are starting to experience a whole new level of retailing. They need to expand the exhibition areas in their stores to provide enough space for all the new styles and designs on offer.

Retailers who have never offered creative pricing are starting to experiment with discounts to drive sales at certain times of the year. And with a more systematic shipping and delivery policy that retailers can count on, they’re starting to order more regularly and seeing more business than ever before.

There is no doubt that buying wholesale silver jewelry online is breathing new life into the global jewelry business.

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