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Bulgari launches jewelry collection specifically for India – WWD

NEW DELHI More than seven years after quickly establishing itself in India in 2014, when single-brand retailing was first permitted, Bulgari has taken another major step forward with the introduction of a mangalsutra specifically for the local market. .

Choosing a mangalsutra taps into a tradition deeply rooted in the country as well as one of its fastest growing sectors: the $ 50 billion wedding market.

Considered a sacred necklace worn by a bride and worn for the rest of her marriage years, the mangalsutra has emotional and symbolic significance for Indian women.

The launch coincides closely with the selection last month of Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Brand Ambassador; she weaved together the introduction of mangalsutra and the idea of ​​modernity at a digital media launch on Thursday.

“As modern women today, we are at odds with how we were raised versus how we want to be,” she said, referring to her own struggle as as a feminist and to be the best version of herself, which required a merger. of traditions. “I would rather take that power back – instead of saying that breaking patriarchy forces me to get rid of everything I was raised with. I would rather pretend it was my choice, and I would like to buy my magnificent mangalsutra with the money I earn, and I am the one crushing the patriarchy.

Mauro Di Roberto, general manager of the jewelry business unit at Bulgari, agreed with this point.

“My feeling is that it represents modernity and the woman who has the ambition to be contemporary,” he said, adding that the idea that the jewel was not necessarily a gift but could be chosen. by the woman, with a partner or even bought by the woman herself was part of its modernity.

“If we analyze the jewel, the inspiration comes from the ancient Roman coins and you will see it in the five discs of the Bulgari logo inspired by the ancient coin. Apart from this brand signature, what is important are the black pearls that connect Bulgari with Indian tradition and culture. Our bond with India is extremely strong for many reasons, ”he said, noting that the brand had sourced gemstones from India for over 40 years.

“It’s such a contemporary piece that you can wear it with Indian clothes, and you can wear it with western clothes. You can personalize it or dress it up with other pieces and keep your traditions, ”noted Chopra Jonas of the piece, which is in 18k yellow gold adorned with round black onyx and diamonds and is priced at 349. 000 rupees, or $ 4,780, retailed only in India.

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