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Brilliant Earth announces the release of its high jewelry collection: the Solstice collection

(PRESS RELEASE) SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Brilliant Earth, a global leader in ethically sourced bridal and fine jewelry, announces the launch of its most recent and exclusive designs, the Solstice Collection. Launched this week, the 16-piece collection which was hand-drawn in the San Francisco design studio and moderated by the award-winning in-house design team, features a range of necklaces, cuff bracelets, bold and intricate. dangling earrings as well as an extension of wedding and engagement rings, all eye-catching heirlooms to treasure a lifetime.

Inspired by the shimmering winter light, Brilliant Earth designed the evergreen collection with minimal metal allowing lab-grown diamonds to take center stage. The Solstice Collection reinvents a winter wonderland and the emotional joy evoked by blankets of freshly fallen snow, melting icicles, clumps of ice and sparkling light throughout the season. In its entirety, each piece in the Solstice collection resuscitates classic styles and uniquely captures the feeling of the season through the placement of micro-pave and melange diamonds, star settings, use of negative spaces and intricate patterns to achieve various designs inspired by nature. .

“There is something captivating about the snow catching the light of the wind, or the natural mosaics found in an icy stream. Everything from the size and placement of the diamond has been strategically thought out to reflect those ethereal moments. You rarely see pieces where metal takes precedence and lets diamond lead; this collection is designed to do just that and make the wearer feel like they are draped in diamonds, ”says Ryan Atlas, director of product development.

The finished jewelry is exclusively lab-grown diamonds. Engagement rings in the collection have the option of using Beyond Conflict Free natural diamonds, selected for their ethical and eco-friendly origins, which are also used in the rings in the collection.

From glamorous icicle silhouette earrings to shimmering pavé bands that mimic light reflections on clumped ice or fresh snow, the collection moves away from trends and showcases timeless white metals and diamond tones which are valued by Brilliant Earth’s main customer. Designs like the Aomori diamond engagement ring emphasize the subtleties that characterize the entire collection. The sparkling micro-pave set diamonds adorn the group are hand-set in an intricate pattern totaling ~ 172 diamonds for a look of movement and grace, the shiny claws cradle the center stone of the engagement ring. The collection also includes the brand’s most expensive item to date, a red carpet ready necklace priced at $ 99,990 that includes a total of 75 carats with a flurry of round, marquise and pear diamonds to achieve a delicate but daring look.

The Solstice Collection ranges from $ 1,995 to $ 100,000 and is available for purchase exclusively at select Brilliant Earth showrooms and online at


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