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“That’s what we dreamed of as designers: to be included and to have a seat at the table,” costume designer Ellen Mirojnick says, in a call ahead of the Nov. 15 launch of the Bridgerton x Monica Rich Kosann high jewelry collection. The collaboration between the Bridgerton The season one costume designer and New York-based jeweler are also launching a new “Seat at the Table” initiative from Shondaland, the production company behind the steamy period romance, aimed at including creatives. in licensing agreements.

Mirojnick is essentially the architect of the ongoing process Bridgerton– fueled the ‘Regencycore’ trend, having established the series’ influential palette of Easter egg hues of contemporary and Regency-Era silhouettes. Ahead of the Netflix juggernaut’s second run last spring (a costume designed by Season 1 assistant Sophie Canale), searches for corsets jumped 123% and empire waist dresses by 93%.

But before Bridgerton-inspired fashion collaborations – ranging from shoes with Malone Souliers and floral dresses with Spanish fast-fashion brand Stradivarius to a women’s empowerment partnership with Hill House Home and Meena Harris’ Phenomenal – did not include Mirojnick . Indeed, studios and production companies churning out licensed collections that don’t include the original designers behind the recognizable, on-trend looks has been a long-standing industry practice, especially with the proliferation of streamers.

Netflix, home of Bridgertonregularly releases collabs – like a recent rat-themed 80s mall stranger things line with Balmain, which had no mention in the press release of Amy Parris, who designed the last two seasons. That said, in 2014, Scandal Costume designer Lyn Paolo and star Kerry Washington have teamed up with The Limited to bring fans an accessible take on Olivia Pope’s powerhouse wardrobe. “Some of us have lived [being included in a collaboration]many of us didn’t,” says Mirojnick.

Jewelry items in the new Monica Rich Kosann x Bridgerton collection

Courtesy of Shondaland

Over the years, the Costume Designers Guild has steadily intensified discussions on this subject, especially during its recent pay equity campaign.

Thus, Shondaland’s “Seat at the Table” initiative is significant. In its announcement, the company states that it will “partner with the incredibly talented artists from their various productions to create products that are both representative of the work of the creators on their respective shows as well as the creators themselves.” The production company is committed to formally including costume designers and, in the future, other behind-the-scenes creatives in merchandising and collaboration deals. These are the same people who help imagine the on-screen worlds that fans aspire to bring into their own lives.

But why now?

“We started to ask why more and more media companies don’t recognize their production creations in this way – and to consider how our consumer choices and products could be ingrained to drive others up the ladder. with us,” says Sandie, Design and Digital Media Manager at Shondaland. Bailey. The initiative is also part of Shondaland’s and Netflix’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, such as the Producers Initiative and The Ladder Program announced in May.

Bridgerton costume designer Ellen Mirojnick - actress Phoebe Dynevor - Netflix - on set

Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick with Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton) on the set of the hit Netflix show.

Liam Daniel/Netflix @2020

“We challenged ourselves to put the people who made our storytelling possible in the spotlight with us now,” says Bailey, who at the time herself was working in Scandalfrom the set decoration department. “We really believe in this phrase, ‘It takes a village’, and why can’t we recognize this village? We don’t need to take up all the space — and we’re not the only ones who deserve the financial success that comes with these projects. (A Shondaland spokesperson said the company would not comment on deal structures made under the “A Seat at the Table” initiative.)

Launch of “Seat at the Table” with Mirojnick and Bridgerton (currently filming its third season) was organically born during the production of the April 2021 costume-focused episode of Shondaland’s Bridgerton: The Official Podcast. “I really saw [Mirojnick’s] passion for what she does, her passion for the fans, and I thought, ‘Why don’t we take her on this trip?’ explains Bailey. “Who better to deliver accessible, modern versions of some of the things we see on the show when it started it all?”

Ellen Mirojnick

Ellen Mirojnick

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Shondaland had previously worked with Monica Rich Kosann and was in line with the B-corp certified jeweler’s social responsibility commitments and women’s empowerment ethos. Mirojnick was equally delighted. “Meeting Monica Rich Kosann was nothing but the happiest, happiest collaboration I’ve ever had,” says Mirojnick, who explains that the two thrived throughout the design process, brainstorming, and discussions. sketches to final approvals, via Zoom from opposite coasts. “It happened in five days,” she says excitedly. “That’s how fast it was. That’s how we were in sync.

The end result distills the essence of Bridgerton in three contemporary Regency-inspired styles: a crown-shaped poetry ring, inscribed with “queen”, a gem-studded bumblebee charm, and a romantic medallion, with heart-shaped vine detailing and a “B », an ode to the series. The styles are versatile, for example, the ring can be worn on a chain as a pendant, while the locket and bee can be linked as charms on a bracelet. Prices range from $815 to $3,250 for 18k gold pieces, while sterling silver items range from $160 to $685.

“It’s absolutely Bridgertonsays a delighted Mirojnick about the collection, which she also describes as “truthful.”

    Bridgerton x Monica Rich Kosann Fine Jewelry Collection 18k Gold Necklace

18 carat gold necklace in the Bridgerton x Monica Rich Kosann Fine Jewelry Collection

Courtesy of Shondaland

“It’s not someone else’s interpretation Bridgerton“, she continues. “It’s from the root source and fans will know it really does sound like a modern interpretation. It’s not part of Bridgerton history, but it creates a new history: an extension of Bridgerton.”

Bailey and her team already have future collaborations in mind with the show’s fourth season in the works. Additionally, with a slate of content, the growth of “Seat at the Table” provides tremendous opportunity to engage creatives beyond costume design – both financially and showcasing their work in marketing. .

“[The collaborations] could be in different ways, maybe they consult, maybe they’re like Ellen able to design in the process,” says Bailey, who also emphasizes presenting and empowering designers, brands and creatives from underrepresented communities. “There can be many ways to include them and give them the accolades they truly deserve.”

Find it Bridgerton x Monica Rich Kosann Fine Jewelry Collection exclusively at and in-store at Monica Rich Kosann’s Columbus Circle and Hudson Yards stores in New York City.

Bridgerton x Monica Rich Kosann - Jewelery Collection - 18k Gold Necklaces

18k gold necklaces from the Bridgerton x Monica Rich Kosann fine jewelry collection.

Courtesy of Shondaland

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