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Bernard James unveils his Fungi jewelry collection


For Brooklyn-based fine jewelry designer Bernard James, inspiration can come from a variety of places. From natural sources like flowers to human constructs like mirrors, the intersection of life and high conceptions remains stable. Today, the jeweler is reconnecting with nature with the release of its Fungi collection.

In the continuity of the Flora collection by James, the Fungi offer explores the relationship between these two entities. Specifically, using mushrooms as a source for fine jewelry creations, the latest offering reveals the beauty of even the smallest components of nature.

The collection includes a range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, earrings and rings in 14k gold and sterling silver. For added allure, 14k gold pieces are available in gold, white gold, and rose gold hues. Whether it’s a necklace or an earring, the collection creates its creations from the mushroom species Coprinpsis Lagopus, Laccaria Lacatta and Hygrocybe Conica. A highlight of the collection is the Fungi Coninca Diamond Ring, handcrafted in 18k white gold with over 400 hand-set VS white diamonds.

Take a look at the jewelry in the gallery above. Priced from US$345 to US$9,900, the collection is available now online.

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