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Behind the hidden detail of Fendi’s 1st high jewelry collection – JCK

The famous Fendi FF first appeared in 1965, when the legendary Karl Lagerfeld wanted to find a way to showcase the brand’s creativity and innovation. (Rumor has it that he sketched the now instantly recognizable logo in less than five seconds.) Since then, the design has lived many different lives, taking on hundreds of different interpretations, shapes and colors on clothing, luggage and beyond, but none in its final function: fine jewelry.

A first for the brand, Fendi launched its high jewelry collection on the catwalk with its Fall 2022 couture show. This particular piece, called Flavus (an ancient Roman word for “yellow”), highlights elements that emanate from the rest of the collection. The cascading effect of white and yellow diamonds (on this necklace as well as on the earrings in the collection) refers to the movement of water in Roman fountains. Delfina Delettrez Fendi, Fendi’s Jewelry Artistic Director, looked to movement in all its forms when creating the collection. And although the cocktail ring is static in the literal sense, it gives the appearance of several stacked and fragmented rings that evoke a feeling of movement.

Fendi fine jewelry sketches
A sketch of a design from Fendi’s High Jewelry collection by Delfina Delettrez Fendi, showcasing the brand’s signature logo

But of course, it wouldn’t be Fendi without one very important feature: the brand’s upbeat yellow logo. Delettrez Fendi used yellow diamonds throughout to subtly form the signature shapes – so subtle, in fact, if you didn’t know you could miss them. Overall, the brand’s foray into fine jewelry is a nod to the past reinterpreted for the brand’s future.

To inquire about the collection, head to Fendi for contact details and local stores.

Top: Fendi Flavus necklace with over 1,000 diamonds including baguette-cut yellow diamonds, price on request (photos courtesy of Fendi)

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