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Bea Bongiasca’s Costume Jewelry Collection Needed More Than Ever


Dua Lipa is the sartorial gift that keeps on giving. Her hypnotic, dance-friendly hits are just part of the reason fans flock to her high-tension style filled with nostalgic wardrobe staples and early-approved accessories. But a deep dive into what makes her vibrant fashion sense sing wouldn’t be complete without a look at one of Dua Lipa’s favorite brands, created by 30-year-old Italian jewelry designer Bea Bongiasca.

Bongiasca’s natural fit among the princess of pop’s fun wardrobe of vibrant prints and cropped basics is no coincidence. His whimsical designs are filled with pop culture influences, visible in highlighter hues and the use of childish shapes. But behind the range of collector’s balls, hides the refined technique of Bongiasca which elevates gold jewelry with jolts of colored enamel. “The evolution of solid gold to shiny enamel over gold gives jewelry kinetic movement as well as a bold pop look,” Bongiasca told TZR. The combination of classic metallics with trendy hues set with enamel creates an accessible game that feels so good for 2021.

“The way designers are now using enamel is a unique way to paint the color that people consider young and fun,” adds California jewelry designer Sarah Hendler. But something about Bongiasca’s use of organic lines, ornamental stones, and hues, “I think people are looking for joyful and carefree things to remind them that after this difficult time that we are going through there will be new sun, ”Bongiasca suggests. . “[These are] cheerful jewelry! They are pop, playful and fun but at the same time very complex and elegant.

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Born in Switzerland, but raised in Milan, Bongiasca has caught the attention of some of the most influential names in music and style with her semi-thin and “mood-boosting” collections. There is an innate optimism in her designs that comes from both her color choices and her doodle-like shapes. “I believe we should always embrace color, but if there’s a time when it’s more needed than ever, it definitely would be this year,” she muses. “It’s never a mistake to add more light around you, as David Hockney said ‘I prefer to live in color’.”

Adding a piece or two (or 12) from the designer’s recent “You’re So Vine” collection to your outfit formula is less intimidating than you might think for minimalists. “I think it’s easier to wear a colorful and daring piece of jewelry because, in the end, they are relatively small, compared to a fuchsia jumpsuit or an orange sweatshirt,” she quipped. “There are hints of color that come out of a ‘neutral color’ outfit and I find it more interesting and stylish than wearing bright colors from head to toe (not that I don’t wear all pink or orange outfits. because I do). ”

Brightly hued, colored enamel pieces are nothing new to the world of fine and semi-fine jewelry. Jewelry makers dating as far back as the 13th century BCE have made pieces that incorporate the molten glass compound technique. Over the centuries that followed, highly saturated enamel jewelry made its appearance in a number of important fashion movements, including works inspired by 19th-century Japanese art and the Victorian Gothic style.

But, the artistic jewelry method is most often associated with designs from the Art Nouveau era which, like Bongiasca’s work, were often botanically themed and influenced by the colors, shapes and textures found in nature. Cut to 2021, and the world is looking for a little, light whimsy in the form of fun accessories to work with with sweatpants outfits and fancy outlet tops. Maybe it’s time to start living in color again?

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