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BaubleBar Launches New Disney Halloween Jewelry Collection


It’s Halloween, it’s Halloween.

If those six words flooded your brain with “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” you’re one of us – a Disney Halloween fanatic, and you’re going to love this haunting news.

BaubleBar, the jewelry brand known for its glitzy and glamorous accessories has fallen into the haunted trap of All Hallows Eve.

It gets even spookier, as the iconic brand has launched its first-ever BaubleBar Disney Halloween collection — and all for less than $60.

With themed Disney characters, like Candy Corn Disney Minnie Mouse ($48) and Disney Mickey Mouse Jack O’ Lantern ($48), there’s something for everyone.

But it gets even scarier, as BaubleBar has revealed glow-in-the-dark styles for the first time. already — and dare we say they’re wickedly cute.

Bauble Bar Disney Halloween Collection

You’ll also look boo-tiful in BaubleBar’s Disney bag charms designed specifically for the special Halloween season.

Each bag charm is adorned with colored enamel and hand-embellished crystals. The last time these bag charms were released, they sold out at a frightening rate, so grab one while you can – otherwise the possibility of what might have been will haunt you for good.

It’s scary season, witches. Shop the entire Disney Halloween collection below.

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