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Class rings are apparently still a thing. And with a new school year starting this way and that way, high school and college students may have started thinking about ordering theirs. Because wearing jewelry is never canceled.

And college students who want their ring to be current, chic, and as far removed from a 50s movie as it is now, now have a great new option to consider: Balfour, one of the top class jewelry retailers. via its website and campus activations, just released. a new collection designed in partnership with the jewelry brand Kendra Scott.

Balfour Kendra Scott Rings
Left to right: Kendra Scott Davis signet rings, starting at $ 398 each; Kendra Scott Elyse Class Ring, starting at $ 398; and Davis Class Ladies Kendra Scott Ring, from $ 598

The collection consists of eight new styles of rings, including two styles designed especially for men. Students can choose from 18 stone colors and 13 different metal types.

In addition to the new styles for men, the collection also includes styles of pendants for moms and teachers. These can be worn as daily reminders of the important work they do at home, in the classroom, on screen and offline.

Balfour Kendra Scott Reagan Rings
Kendra Scott Reagan Rings, starting at $ 698 each

Each piece has customization options ranging from stone incision and side shank imagery to engraving on the inside or side of the palm.

“Balfour is focused on reinventing tradition, and this partnership accomplishes just that,” said Scott Blevins, senior vice president of Balfour, in the official announcement.

As for the Kendra Scott brand, this is the first time that it has partnered with a classy jewelry brand, a company that could not be more relevant to its target audience: the brand has an academic ambassador program. called Gems which includes over 90 students across 80 campuses nationwide who are handpicked to participate in a variety of initiatives throughout the school year, including community charity events and community groups. discussion of product development.

“By combining Balfour’s commitment to tradition with our approach to trend and personalization, I think this collection offers seniors a new and exciting way to celebrate when they need it most,” Scott said in a statement.

And while Scott mentioned the elderly, traditions may vary by region and school. The junior year is also a good time to order classy jewelry. In high school, you’ve already been part of the varsity team or found your niche in the French theater or club, and as such, you may find ways to incorporate these activities into your design customization. Ring. And in your freshman year of college you declared your major and hopefully got a good idea of ​​if you’ll be graduating on time. (This was a constant concern for many of my classmates at Vassar.)

The collection kicks off with a gift-with-purchase program (one of three Kendra Scott necklaces) that will be available for a limited time.

I had a high school ring which I now need to find from my mom and I didn’t have a college ring so maybe this is something happening these days:

Kendra Scott vassar pendant
Class Kendra Scott Davis Signet pendant in 18k yellow gold vermeil, $ 418 (there are also 14k and 18k gold versions)

Because unlike my classmates (sorry guys), I was never too cool for school.

Above: Balfour’s Kendra Scott Collection will be licensed to more than 500 colleges and universities, with new schools being added online daily. Prices starting at $ 198 each.

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