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AWNL brings solid geometric art to meteorite jewelry design


Swedish jewelry brand AWNL takes pride in the art of geometry, unconventionally installing the pyramid – a three-sided polygon with three vertices – in a meteorite to give the wearer special beauty.

Defying the difficulty of traditional craftsmanship, AWNL managed to cut meteorite pieces into solid geometric shapes with Muonionalusta’s Widmanstätten pattern fully preserved and featured.

Use of solid geometric art in the design of meteorite shapes by AWNL

As an emerging fashion trend, meteorite jewelry has sparked the craze for owning “a real shooting star” in the niche market. However, the mass perception of meteorite jewelry design still remains old-fashioned – flat, one-sided slices. Nevertheless, as a Swedish brand of Talisman jewelry, AWNLJEWELS would like to share with the public its innovative combination of the latest jewelry with solid geometric art, by presenting their new collection – Interstellar Meteorite Collection.

Unlike the common flat meteorite slice and round meteorite ring pendant in the market, AWNL presents customers with pyramid shaped jewelry. And this decision is no accident.

Since the pyramid is believed to carry a supernatural power – a pyramid power, believed to improve personal health, function “as a thought-form incubator” and can even trigger sexual urges, AWNL decided to implement this form to bring positive power to the wearer.

By overcoming the technical difficulties of cutting and preserving meteors, AWNL successfully brings the unique shape to life. With the application of “Meteo-protecta-Tech” and sophisticated cutting expertise, the talisman effect of the pyramids and the sense of geometric beauty become factual.

The geometric style is a class of modern jewelry styles; included in its beauty are irregular changes with endless possibilities and geometric creativity made of points, lines, triangles and circles. These easily convey AWNL’s concept of minimalist art, add a dose of modern Nordic fashion, and define the uniqueness of the beauty of the wearer.

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