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Katherine Jetter’s new jewelry collection is all about girl power

[ad_1] Massachusetts-based gemologist and jewelry designer Katherine Jetter just released her new collection and it’s all about girl gang power. With stores in both Nantucket and Chestnut Hill, Jetter is a local jewelry innovator. She launched her line in 2008 with only the finest stones and materials. And she opened her first retail store, The […]

Jewelry collection

Karma El Khalil presents a new luminous high jewelry collection

[ad_1] New York—Like many designers, the pandemic lockdown has had a major impact on Karma El Khalil’s creative process. The collective pause from the world led to the contemplation of the bigger picture. “My sleepless nights were greeted by a sight of the moon breaking across the muted New York skyline as the still hours […]

Jewelry collection

Watch Latto show off some of her jewelry collection and reveal how much she spent on pieces

[ad_1] Latto shows his fans what it’s like to hit the jackpot. the 777 the rapper caught up QG to show off some of her finest and most expensive jewelry. Latto, who applauded those who criticized his most recent hits with 777 and “Big Energy” – showcased some of its rings, bracelets, watches and chains. […]

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WJA announces expansion of its jewelry design business incubator with support from De Beers

[ad_1] (PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The Women’s Jewelry Association (WJA) announces the expansion of its jewelry design business incubator across North America with support from De Beers. “One of De Beers’ corporate visions and goals for the future is to accelerate economic inclusion and support diverse voices to help shape the future of our […]

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Rapaport Magazine – Law and Human Rights in the Jewelry Industry

[ad_1] The US government has several regulations in place to prevent abuse in the supply chain. In the pages of this magazine, many authorities in the jewelry industry have spoken out on what should be done to address the problem of human rights abuses in the jewelry supply chain. Of course, the US government has […]

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Fast Cash Loans & Quick Approval Guaranteed 2022

You don’t want to spend your time searching for and deciding on the right company to call in the event of an emergency loan. This list can help you in digital cash such situations. We’ve compiled this list with an eye on what people should be looking for in times of financial crisis. In the beginning, we […]

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Larsa Pippen shares details about the Larsa Marie jewelry collection

[ad_1] Congratulations Insider Exclusive! Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, sweepstakes and more! Register for free to see Larsa Pippen has an eye for fine and fabulous accessories. (All you have to do is take a look at her Instagram to see her collection of gorgeous designer bags and sparkly […]

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[ad_1] Designed to last as long as the precious memories it honors, the collection is designed by acclaimed American designer Kendra Scott, known for creating affordable, quality luxury products made with innovative materials. The collection is personalized, built and ordered exclusively through Balfour & Co., a leader in starter products and services and known for […]

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JTV® Announces New Koadon ™ Jewelry Collection in Partnership with Taya Kyle

[ad_1] National jewelry retailer and acclaimed author and lawyer unveil powerful accessory collection KNOXVILLE, Tennessee., October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – JTV®, the national jewelry retailer and broadcast network, today announced the launch of Koadon™ Bijoux, an exclusive new collection of accessories with powerful designs created in partnership with a renowned author and activist, […]

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Jewelers Mutual Group announces online publication for the jewelry industry

[ad_1] (PRESS RELEASE)NEENAH, WI – The Jewelers Mutual Group announces the launch of its new business: The Zing Report! The new business-to-business website is specially designed for the jewelry industry. With the slogan “Celebrating Our Industry”, the Zing Report will focus on all aspects of the jewelry industry and community that are worth celebrating. Content […]

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Logan Hollowell’s Bridal Jewelry Collection Features Unique Rings

[ad_1] For most people, choosing an engagement ring that represents your aesthetic is of the utmost importance. You don’t want what everyone has, instead you want your jewelry to look unique to you. One way to make sure you end up with a special ring (and not paired with your BFF, who is newly engaged) […]

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Dior’s latest jewelry collection features striking geometric patterns – Robb Report

[ad_1] Dior is known for its ultra feminine jewelry inspired by nature, the sky and love. Its latest collection, Gem Dior, presents a new architectural style that combines natural elements with the history of the couture of the house. Each piece features stacked and staggered links of varying sizes and heights, giving them a unique […]

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Louis Vuitton’s new high jewelry collection looks skyward

[ad_1] In the summer of 1969, shortly after the first astronauts landed on the moon, Aristotle Onassis ordered a pair of hammered gold earrings for his wife Jackie to commemorate the occasion (it was also her birthday ). In the 1950s, a series of spiky gold brooches marked Sputnik’s topicality. In 1835, when Halley’s Comet […]

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Jewelers Mutual Group launches Transformational Zing ™ platform for the jewelry industry

[ad_1] “Given the difficult times our industry has faced recently, there has never been a better time for us to bring a meaningful solution to the market. Zing The platform enables jewelers to make faster and smarter business decisions, helps them create a seamless customer experience, and provides a product selection that is historically not […]