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It’s the holiday season, and there is no time more suitable for spectacular jewelry.

Echoing the decorations seen on street corners and in store windows, in homes and on social media, we are also inspired to adorn ourselves with sparkling clothing and accessories – the bigger, the better.

Thus, the first collection of fine jewelry from London jeweler Aurelia & Pierre, which debuts today, is timely.

“As far as I can remember, I have always been passionate about luxury and craftsmanship,” says founder and designer of the brand, Amokeye Adede. “I particularly like jewelry and, after a few years of collecting pieces in fine jewelry stores, the desire for special and unique creations was born. I started ordering custom pieces for myself, which I designed. I received positive feedback from family and friends on these pieces, and they often asked me to design pieces for them, which I did. I then decided to turn my passion for jewelry and my natural eye for design and detail into a brand, as I had always wanted to pursue entrepreneurial activities at some point. Thus, Aurélia & Pierre were born!

Aurelia Pierre Necklace Le Calme La Tempete
Le Calme & La Tempête choker necklace in 18k white gold with 15.9 ct. kunzite and 1.5 cts. two diamonds, £ 21,000 ($ 28,500)

Adede, who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, before moving to England for boarding school, studied science and languages ​​at the University of London, where the designer remains today. It is the love of language that has influenced the design of Aurelia & Pierre, right down to the name of the brand itself: Aurelia, from Latin Golden; Pierre, from the French meaning rock Where calculation.

Aurélia Pierre Lete Lhiver Ring
L’Été & L’Hiver ring in 18k white gold with 21.6 ct. blue topaz and 0.7 ct. two diamonds, £ 12,500 (sold)

With unique designs of colored gemstones detailed in diamonds, Color and Brilliance marks the brand’s first foray into fine jewelry, offering three pieces all named in French, another nod to the designer’s love for the language. and also to a favorite place.

Aurélia and Stone Heart and Soul Bracelet
A side view of the Heart & Soul bracelet

“My favorite piece in the collection is the Le Coeur & L’Âme fluorite and diamond cuff bracelet, which translates to heart and soul,“says Adede. (The cuff is pictured above and above.)” Of the three coins, I have the strongest personal connection to it. Fluorite is the ‘heart’ of the coin, and that represents my hometown of Lagos. Not only does the hand-carved fluorite remind me of the palm fronds on the beaches of Lagos, but incidentally the color green is also associated with Nigeria. The structural design is the “soul” of the piece and is inspired by the Eiffel Tower, an emblematic monument of my favorite city, Paris.

Aurelia Stone Amethyst Initial Pendant
Alfa-Zulu Birthstone Initial Pendant in 18k Yellow Gold with Amethyst and Diamonds, £ 1,500 ($ 2,050)

While the collection is limited to three unique pieces, Aurelia & Pierre offers a variety of other options ranging from classic diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces to gemstone initial pendants and cocktail rings.

Aurélia Pierre initial pendant
Alfa-Zulu initial pendant in 18k yellow gold with 0.05 ct. marquise diamond, £ 1,095 ($ 1,500)

“Personalized jewelry is very meaningful and special and makes a fantastic gift idea,” the designer says of the upcoming shopping season. “I think the initial and letter jewelry in particular will be popular for holiday gifts.”

Top: Le Coeur & L’Âme cuff bracelet in 18k yellow gold with 86.7 ct. custom fluorite and 1 ct. two diamonds, £ 28,000 ($ 37,940); Aurelia & Pierre

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