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Annie & Sisters and Scarlett Bella Song Create Exclusive ‘Annie X Scarlett’ Teen Jewelry Collection

ARCADIA, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/January 14, 2022/ Californian jewelry company Annie & Sisters is launching an original jewelry collection created in collaboration with Scarlett Bella Song, teenage dancer, actress, model and social media influencer.

“Annie X Scarlett”, designed by owner Annie Chen and Scarlett Bella Song, includes fifteen completely new pieces from the Annie & Sisters line as well as a themed jewelry box. The collection’s necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms feature the same quality and attention to detail found in all of Annie & Sisters’ sterling silver and crystal designs, but with new designs. and styles reflecting the identity and emerging aspirations of teenagers.

In their work together, Chen and Scarlett have been struck by the inspirational parallels that permeate their creativity. Annie & Sisters was created to celebrate the rewarding relationships between Chen and her female family members, friends, and mentors, and to “pay” for the support she received to a new generation. Scarlett, whose talent has earned her a large following on social media among the teen community, enjoys spreading messages of kindness, empowerment and collaboration to make her platform an inclusive and caring space.

The design details of “Annie X Scarlett” reflect this shared philosophy, with words like “happiness”, “courage”, “fearless”, “strength” and “love” on the pendants and earrings. Crystal yin yang symbols show the beauty of harmony and interdependence, while dandelion charms evoke hope and joy. Chen credits Scarlett’s contribution for giving the collection a vibe that reflects a teenager’s natural growth through the challenges of adolescence in mature adult styles, while capturing the exuberance of youth. . Bar charms, faceted crystal charms and dangling chain detailing exemplify this aspect of the collection’s appeal.

For Scarlett, the collaboration offered the opportunity to embrace a new mode of creative expression with the dedication she brought to learning multiple dance styles, from jazz funk and hip hop to ballet. Chen was thrilled with the hands-on approach Scarlett took from the start of the project: “She really wanted to know everything about the jewelry design process, the sketches and CAD drawings and all the steps from concept to reality. It was a pleasure to have this shared experience of creating together.

The “Annie X Scarlett” collection will be available for purchase on on January 14, 2022.

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