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Aether Diamonds Launches First Sustainable Jewelry Collection with the Bombé Collection


The creators of the world’s first diamonds made from atmospheric carbon launch a new jewelry collection that represents a celebration of new opportunities, creative transformation and gospel self-expression

NEW YORK, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ethereal Diamonds, creators of the world’s first diamonds made from atmospheric carbon, launched its first line of sustainable fine jewelry with the Bombé collection. Representing a celebration of new opportunities, creative transformation and gospel self-expression, the highly anticipated new Bombé collection symbolizes freedom from an uncertain future as a joyful awakening.

Aether Diamonds are made from atmospheric carbon, using carbon sequestration technology to extract CO2 directly from the air and transform it into diamonds (unlike other lab-grown diamonds which use fossil fuels). This results in a positive impact on the environment, leaving the planet brighter than before. Every carat of diamond sold by Aether offsets customers’ carbon footprint for over a year.

“We’ve been waiting to show the world what’s possible with our diamonds, and we’re thrilled to introduce our Bombé collection. It’s a collection that proves that luxury and durability can come together seamlessly with great design, quality diamonds air and Fairmined gold; a unique combination that signals where jewelry is heading.” Ryan Shearmanco-founder and CEO of Aether.

The Bombé Collection, designed by Jenna HousbyChief Design Officer at Aether Diamonds, was inspired by the New York one sustainable capacity for social and economic recovery. From the Roaring Twenties to Studio 54, this collection embodies the tale of mitigating future uncertainty, overcoming adversity with bold self-expression and the desire to create something better. Studio 54 was not only a celebration of life, but also ambitious in its vision to advance culture as one of the first non-judgmental, gay-friendly mainstream nightclubs.

The Bombé collection comes to life with an accompanying campaign featuring activists Gabe Pierre Shayer (American Ballet Theater soloist, choreographer and producer), Aditi Mayer (sustainable fashion advocate, photojournalist and workers’ rights activist) and Nikita Elysee (environmental specialist). The shoot was photographed and directed by Jake Rosenberg.

Aether’s 2020 debut made waves in the fine jewelry market when it entered with an ambitious vision and exceeded expectations by creating the world’s first and only positive impact sustainable diamonds. Since the beginning of 2022, Aether has obtained its B Corp certification, which reinforces its objectives to actively contribute to a better and more sustainable future. They also completed a $18 million Series A funding round led by global problem-solving organization Helena, along with several other investors, including Ashton Kutcher & SOUNDWaves by Guy Oseary.

For more information on Ether, visit and follow their journey on Instagram at @etherdiamonds. For more details on custom designs, please contact [email protected].


Aether is an award-winning, B-Corporation certified climate tech startup founded by veterans of the jewelry industry who could no longer tolerate the social and environmental impact of the diamond trade. Aether was born out of a burning desire to use cutting-edge technologies to redefine the ethical and environmental standards of diamond production. Made from carbon extracted from the atmosphere, every carat sold has a positive impact on our climate. Aether’s mission is to build a luxury diamond company that leaves the planet brighter than we found it.

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