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A multifaceted future: the jewelry industry in 2021 | Ask the experts


The jewelry industry received a heavy blow in 2020 as the global economy stalled. Offices were closed and jobs were lost, leading to a high sense of uncertainty among people, leaving them with less disposable income to spend on luxury goods like jewelry. But things started to improve in 2021 and people are back to their normal shopping habits. We spoke to some online retailers who even said that sales were better than ever. Today we are going to talk about the latest trends in the jewelry industry and what to expect from them in the years to come.

Mismatched earrings

Yes, you read that correctly, the year 2021 is dedicated to the avant-garde with mismatched earrings. If wearing two different earrings seems too daring, you can wear one piece and turn heads with your assertive style. Bold and confident mismatched earrings can push you out of your usual comfort zone, but make you stand out. When choosing mismatched earrings, you need to make sure that a certain correlation remains between the two sides and that the earrings don’t look too random. You can stick with earrings that have a similar theme although they can differ drastically from each other. Some popular theme options are flowers, moon and stars, geometric shapes, etc. Complementary colors can help you create a harmonious contrast.

Alphabet earrings

Initial earrings are a great gift idea, whether you are buying for yourself or your best friend. You can also rock the mismatched style with initial earrings by wearing a single stud in one ear and dangling it in the other.

Multicolored pearl jewelry

Channel the bohemian vibes with pearl jewelry that brings back warm memories of idyllic days spent exchanging friendship bracelets or exploring the park. Pearl jewelry is perfect for fashionistas who like to layer their look. A layered, layered choker looks gorgeous when paired with a low neck dress. You can also add a subtle touch to your daytime look with beaded anklets or bring back the 90s style with beaded hoops.

Baroque pearls

Irregularly shaped baroque pearls can provide a modern facelift to classic pearls. The organic beauty of these pearls never fails to capture the attention of onlookers at every event you attend. Baroque pearls are known for their natural curves allowing light to reflect in various directions to add a multicolored dimension to their sparkle. These pearls have an informal flair but make no sacrifice in terms of sophistication. You can easily pair them with a range of outfits from designer denim to a ubiquitous little black dress and even blazers. Baroque Tahitian pearls are available in darker hues and can be paired perfectly with classic sweaters and staid suits. Button style earrings can flatter shorter face shapes, while pendants or drops work best on longer faces.

Stackable rings


Nailing a simple yet elegant look becomes easy with the stackable rings that can accessorize your fingers in a minimalist way. For a more interesting look, you can balance different shapes. Different metals can also be mixed for a funky touch. It’s impossible to go wrong with the simple stackable rings which are the perfect addition to your everyday outfits. Women with a penchant for bold fashion can exude elegance by stacking pipe rings that look like a dream and pairing them with black outfits. If you like to keep nails long, you can go for this classic combination to put more emphasis on your look.

Final words

A growing momentum can be seen in the online shopping segment which is preferred by a large part of the population in the aftermath of the covid pandemic. This provides a great opportunity for retailers who want to tap into the online market. Social media has marked its place as a big booster for jewelry sales. Image-rich platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are increasingly chosen by businesses to promote their designs. Live sessions are also held to interact with customers and build strong relationships with them. Fun promotions are another great way to get potential customers to take a look at products. Modern clients show a greater affinity for real-world photos rather than photoshop retouched images. Jewelry sellers are responding to this changing demand by posting images of real people adorning the designs.

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