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A FUNNEL MARKETING IS one of the best tools available to help you sell jewelry online, but often these powerful marketing strategies aren’t used as fully as they could be. If you’re ready to learn how to create a marketing funnel the smart way, we at GemFind Digital Solutions are here to walk you through it!

SEO: The Basis Of Any Good Marketing Funnel Is A Great Website

Your funnel won’t convert if your website isn’t designed to attract users or rank well in search engines. Basically, Google and other search engines are looking for relevance. The more relevant your content is to the user’s search, the more likely you are to rank higher organically.

This means that every page on your website that you want to rank for should follow this basic structure:

  • Put your chosen keyword in the title tag
  • Repeat the same keyword once in the meta description
  • Repeat the same keyword in your Title 1 tag (largest title size)
  • Repeat the same keyword in your Heading 2 tag (second largest size) multiple times
  • Pepper that same keyword throughout your content in a way that makes sense and flows well.
  • Once you have the SEO basics for a properly optimized website setup, the next step is to connect your products to various buying streams.

Next step: purchase flow

Shopping feeds allow your website visitors to browse your jewelry on sites like Facebook or Google Shopping. You can then redirect users to your website through these product feeds.

You can also take advantage of Instagram which is a fantastic channel as there are many people who love to browse and think about different jewelry ideas, especially engagement rings. Once you have set up your business profile on Instagram, you can then apply to become an Instagram store.

Connecting your feeds to Google and social media creates a sort of “main feed cycle” that sparks prospects’ interest in your products and their commitment to your brand.

Automate your funnel

Of course, all of these steps sound like a huge digital marketing business on top of your already booming to-do list, right? Well, don’t worry because you can automate much of the process so that lead generation is continuous and automatic. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take advantage of paid ads through Google Ads, Google Shopping campaigns and take advantage of free organic search engine traffic to drive users into your funnel
  • Install a tracking pixel on your website so that Google and Facebook can use it to show users the same products that they were viewing on those respective networks, on your website.
  • This pixel will allow you to take advantage of dynamic retargeting ads to remind them of the product when they visit other websites. The Google Display Network serves ads on over 1 million websites – over 90% of the entire internet!
  • Once you’ve generated an audience on Facebook, create a “Like Audience” that matches the same buying habits of users on your retargeting list.
  • From there, you can also upload your Facebook email list as a custom audience and create a lookalike.
  • Audience based on these demographics.
  • Use Klaviyo to set up automated email campaigns for all the customers who are on your list and who are also browsing your website.
  • Encourage first-time visitors to your website to subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat!

Of course, this set of very simplified steps takes a while to put in place, but once done, you can keep following these steps over and over again to drive more leads to your website.

Dynamic ads or cold campaigns?

We are often asked when setting up funnels to sell jewelry online, is it better to go for cold traffic campaigns or dynamic ads? The answer is that both have their pros and cons.

For example, cold traffic campaigns don’t convert as well, but they are great for overall brand awareness, while dynamic ads convert better because you can retarget users who have already seen your product. The type of campaign you choose will depend entirely on your goals for that campaign.

Need help setting up your funnels?

While this guide will walk you through how to set up a marketing funnel for your online jewelry store, it’s one thing to read the steps and another to actually do them. If you get stuck along the way, help is here!

Contact us at GemFind Digital Solutions and let us help you create automated marketing funnels that bring you targeted users looking to buy jewelry online from a reputable company. Our unique apps, comprehensive marketing strategies, and responsible websites have helped jewelry store owners across the country and around the world reach more customers, sell more jewelry, and create an engaged social media audience that has looking forward to hearing from them. Contact us today to learn more!

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