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A Look Inside DJ Khaled’s Insane Jewelry Collection

DJ Khaled proudly displays his collection of insane jewelry, from chains to watches worth millions of dollars.

Khaled Mohammed Khaled, better known as DJ Khaled, started his career as a DJ and radio host before releasing music in a hip-hop group called Terror Squad. Now a successful record producer, executive and hip-hop sensation, Khaled has managed to release chart-topping music by collaborating with top artists in Hollywood. He has amassed a net worth of $75 million through his music, sales, and shrewd investments in lucrative businesses. Khaled never shy away from promoting his brands and showing off his wealth on social media to his 27.3 million followers. It mainly shows his jewelry collection which includes rare and valuable pieces like never before.

From expensive chains that sparkle with diamonds to important jewelry gifts from friends that have sentimental value, DJ Khaled preserves the things that matter to him. Each one more beautiful than the next, let’s take a look at DJ Khaled’s crazy jewelry collection.

ten Cuban Chain Roc-A-Fella

One of the most important and priceless pieces of jewelry in his collection is a Roc-A-Fella Cuban chain he received from Jay-Z. Not just a chain, but the latest Roc-A-Fella chain that has already been given away to rappers like Kanye West and Meek Mill. According to BETMade of encrusted diamonds and yellow gold, the pendant is inspired by the original 1996 Roc-A-Fella logo from the label founded by Jay-Z.

9 Rope chain ‘ASAHD’

DJ Khaled is an adoring father, and he likes to proudly wear his children’s names as pendants. It has a rope chain with the words Asahd encrusted in diamonds. He made a similar smaller chain for his son with the words Father of Asahd encrusted in 14 carat VS diamonds worth $15,000.

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8 Owl and keychain

Brought to you by his dear friend Drake, the Keychain and Owl features an icy OVO owl mascot, Drake’s company logo, and a key and lion referenced to the catchphrases used by DJ Khaled, as shown by Complex. Drake was seen wearing a similar chain in a Khaled-produced video that features Justin Bieber.

7 Allah Diamond Chain

A true believer in the faith of God, DJ Khaled does not hide his faith from the world as he is spotted wearing an Allah encrusted diamond chain around his neck every day. A religious person, the rapper received a lot of traction when he debuted the pendant. However, he still wears it as an everyday accessory and his other jewelry.

6 We the best logo pendant

This gem not only represents a brand, but also the hard work that DJ Khaled has put into creating a successful label called We The Best. The chain has a diamond and a yellow gold-encrusted We The Best logo that Khaled often sports when promoting his business or the artists who work for him. He usually posts the channel snap on social media to motivate others to look their best.

5 Immaculate Diamond Wands

Designed by Pristine Jewelers, DJ Khaled purchased an elegant and expensive chain that includes over twenty diamond baguettes that cost a few hundred thousand dollars. The rapper accessorized the rest of his look and bought a matching bracelet to match the chain.

4 Patek Philippe Nautilus encrusted with diamond baguettes

A watch that costs more than a house, DJ Khaled spent $300,000 on a custom Patek Philippe watch encrusted with diamond baguettes, as noted QG. The rare timepiece was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus line and is covered in diamonds from all directions.

3 Rolex Day-Date Platinum With Arabic Numerals

Costing $117,500, the Rolex Day-Date Platinum watch was custom-made with Arabic numerals to commemorate its Arabic roots. The hour markers have Arabic numerals with a 40mm case that looks unique on the wrist. Khaled had the watch personalized with diamonds from Pristine Jewelers.

2 Rolex President Day-Date watch in gold and diamonds

While the watch was once worn only on the wrists of presidents and diplomats, the Rolex President Day-Date watch in yellow gold has become a popular choice for artists and athletes. Khaled owns two 18k gold watches, and the bezel and dial are made in the original Rolex factory while the diamond bracelet remains custom.

1 Watch encrusted with diamonds in perfect condition

In November 2021, DJ Khaled added another diamond watch to his collection when his friend Drake gifted him an ice-cold diamond-encrusted watch designed by Pristine Jewelers, as reported Hype Beast. The 18-karat diamond watch is set with 97 carats of emerald-cut diamonds and costs a whopping $450,000.

From personalized pendants he received as gifts to splurges on blingy watches that overshadow everything else in the room, DJ Khaled knows how to wear the best jewelry for every occasion. The rapper has an ever-growing collection of jewelry, and he spreads similar love over his children, buying them miniature pieces similar to his collection. The recent addition to his collection is a pendant and watch set from Jacob And Co. which he purchased in January 2022.

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