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A look at Floyd Mayweather’s insanely expensive jewelry collection

‘TBE’ Floyd Mayweather is the epitome of the success, wealth and glory he has enjoyed all his life. From generating several massive PPV events to producing the richest fight in sports history, Mayweather no longer has to worry about putting food on his table.


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Well, to put it mildly, because Mayweather has accomplished so much more than that. He is one of the richest athletes of all time in the world according to Forbes. His flamboyant lifestyle is a direct reflection of the success he enjoyed for a significant period. Floyd Mayweather doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his riches and has several luxury goods to brag about.


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Its huge garage, its luxurious residences speak for themselves. Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather’s jewelry collection is also of note. The undefeated boxer has an eye for jewelry, especially diamonds. It has several watches, bracelets, chains and much more. Here is an overview of her jewelry collection.


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Floyd Mayweather is Still “MONEY” Focused

One of Mayweather’s priceless possessions is the Billionaire Watch, which costs around $ 18 million. It’s amazing to imagine a watch at this price. But Mayweather is capable of making over $ 100 million overnight, so that’s just one of his many expenses. According to reports, New York-based designer Tadashi made the personalized jewelry watch for Mayweather with pure diamonds all over it.

Presidential Ice Cream Watch in White Gold

It’s no secret Mayweather has an eye for watches. He often carries 30 different sets in a 30 day tour. Therefore, the Billionaire watch is not the only thing to present from its watch collection. The five-division world champion boxer also has an Iced Presidential watch covered in white gold. It’s another thing like this that can make many people salivate.

VVS Pear Shaped Diamond Ring and Glacier Ring

Reports claim that Mayweather primarily buys her jewelry in New York City, United States. That said, a visit to Peter Marco’s boutique in Beverly Hills prompted the boxer to choose several pieces of jewelry, costing around $ 5 million. He reportedly chose a 30-carat diamond ring during the trip, which cost him $ 2.3 million. Glacier rings have also added an extra sparkle to Mayweather’s overall ring collections.

Floyd Mayweather and his pure diamond necklace and tons of pendants


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Mayweather’s love for jewelry prompted him to purchase a pure diamond necklace. The chain appears to be a white gold cushion cut Cluster tennis chain. The exact amount is not disclosed, but we can assume it is in the millions. Apart from that, Floyd Mayweather also has tons of pendants. Exact numbers are hard to come by. But it all seems to have cost Mayweather another big check in the millions.

Floyd Mayweather also has several solid Cuban gold chains in his collection. Thus, it clearly justifies the nickname “Money”. It’s been four years since he retired from professional boxing and Mayweather is still a cash cow who can rack up big chunks of finances. So, it’s no surprise that he enjoys spending so much on himself.


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Do you think a boxer can surpass the wealth of Floyd Mayweather?

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