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A glimpse of Harry Winston’s massive jewelry collection


Harry Winston fully justifies his title of “King Of Diamonds”

Harry Winston was relatively young when he started working in his father’s jewelry store in New York. He took a liking to high jewelry at the age of 12 and bought his first jewel from a pawnshop, a two-carat emerald. Three years later, he moved to Los Angeles to expand the family business. His early business focused primarily on diamonds and helped him start Harry Winston Incorporated. In 1944, Winston made her Hollywood debut loaning diamonds to Jennifer Jones for the Academy Awards, which won Best Actress. The jewelry became a staple in Hollywood, and the pop culture phenomenon got even stronger when Marilyn Monroe performed the song. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

The jewelry house has continued to acquire many remarkable diamonds through auctions and private purchases over the years, collecting different pieces of jewelry of unparalleled clarity and shape. Let’s take a look at Harry Winston’s most expensive jewelry.


9 Sapphire and Diamond Cascading Necklace ($3.8 million)

Harry Winston featured several designs with varying gemstones for his cascading necklace. One of the necklaces is a cushion cut necklace adorned with sapphires in each direction and a set of matching earrings. Dame Helen Mirren was spotted wearing the stunning necklace at the 2018 Oscars party to match her pale blue Reema Acra gown.

8 Diamond Chandelier Earrings ($4.2 million)

Famous celebrity jewelry brand Harry Winston showcased the trendy chandelier earrings at the 2018 Oscars, and longtime collaborator Salma Hayek was spotted wearing the earrings. According to Harper’s Bazaarher diamond ring and earrings were valued at $4.2 million, and the sparkling jewelry matched her shimmering purple Gucci dress, a design by Alessandro Michele.

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seven Diamond Lattice Bracelet ($4.5 million)

A set worth millions, Harry Winston has combined a group of his popular bracelets to create the ultimate cuff for any red carpet appearance. At the 2013 Oscars, Charlize Theron was spotted wearing the Harry Winston Platinum Cluster Bracelet and the Lattice Bracelet, vintage jewelry from the 1959 archives. Each weighed over 50 carats and cost over $3 million, while the earrings matching ears were worth $1.6 million.

6 Golconda Diamond Necklace ($7.5 million)

The Golconda Diamond Necklace has a deep-rooted history dating back to 2,000 years ago when a magnificent 38-carat diamond was found in the Golconda region of India. Jacques Timey designed a necklace for the diamond, and Harry Winston had sold it to late heiress Christina Onassis, as Robb Report noted.. Unlike any other jewel, the diamond has an unparalleled level of clarity, transparency and purity.

5 Martian Rose Gold Ring ($17.4 million)

Harry Winston made his biggest sale of pink round diamonds in 2012 while selling the Martian pink ring for a whopping $17.4 million. The ring is named after the Viking Landers mission to Mars in 1976. Flawless clarity and D-color, the ring is set between two 10k brilliant cut diamonds on an 18k gold band. The Harry Winston ring was sold to an unknown buyer from the archives of a private collector at Christie’s auction.

4 Heart of the Ocean Diamond Necklace ($20 Million)

The Heart of the Ocean diamond necklace is famous for its impact on the world of jewelry and pop culture, as it was widely featured in the iconic romantic drama Titanic. The necklace’s popularity has grown over time thanks to the movie, and the story goes back to Harry Winston, who designed the necklace with a rare 15-carat blue diamond. Actress Gloria Stuart wore the necklace at the 1998 Academy Awards, which was the most expensive piece of jewelry worn at an awards ceremony.

3 The Winston Blue Diamond Ring ($23.8 million)

The Harry Winston Group made a flamboyant purchase in 2013 when they bought the largest vivid blue diamond in existence for $23.8 million. As mentioned by Forbes, the diamond was renamed The Winston Blue and weighed 13.22 carats, costing $1.8 million per carat. The diamond was purchased at a Christie’s auction in Geneva during a public jewelry auction.

2 Winston Legacy Diamond ($26.7 million)

At the same ceremony, the brand made another substantial purchase with a 243-carat rough diamond. Discovered in Botswana at the De Beers mine, the gem was polished for 21 months before being presented at auction. After paying $26.7 million for the diamond, the band renamed it Winston Legacy to commemorate Harry Winston as King of Diamonds.

1 Pink Legacy Diamond Ring ($50 Million)

In 2018, Harry Winston made headlines again after making his biggest purchase at auction when the team bought a pink diamond for $50 million. Weighing just under 19 carats, the diamond is valued at $2.6 million per carat, as reported by CNBC. The rectangular cut diamond is mounted on a diamond band and six bidders searched for the precious jewel. The diamond was eventually purchased through representation of the Winston Group and renamed Pink Legacy Diamond.

Harry Winston continued to strive for excellence and the jewelry brand marked milestones in its history with the purchase of hard-to-reach extraordinary diamonds. The legacy of his nickname lives on in Hollywood across celebrities and his archival gems.

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