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7 tips to buy expensive sapphire jewelry online and not get scammed


People love gemstones; Future Market Insights estimates that the gemstone market will generate $30,779.1 million in 2022 and $53,146.2 million by 2032. One such gemstone is sapphire, a beautiful and fascinating gemstone that jewelers and collectors appreciate and which is part of this booming market.

Whether you’re looking to buy sapphire jewelry online, there’s a lot to know about this popular gemstone. These tips will advise you on how to buy expensive sapphire jewelry online and not get scammed.

Choose a reputable seller

Choosing a reputable seller is essential if you’re buying an expensive item online. You will want to look for sellers who have been in business for years and have good reviews from previous customers. For example, shopping for expensive sapphire jewelry should be easy, as the price will make most jewelers stand out as legitimate businesses.

Another thing to consider is return policies. If something is wrong with your purchase, such as the quality of the sapphire, having a good return policy can save you thousands of dollars.

Look at the photos and details

First, you need to make sure the photos are clear and of high quality. Then look at them from different angles and make sure they show all the details of the room.

Second, look at all the details in each photo. Is there a stamp on it? Does it say where it was made? Are there any marks on the stone or setting? What type of back does this coin have? What is its carat weight? Does this piece of jewelery show any imperfections or signs of wear?

These are just a few questions you’ll want to answer before buying an expensive item online. If you are considering having a sapphire earring, take some time and explore a sapphire earrings collection from a renowned and reputable site. Thus, you need to be careful not to get scammed if you buy from an unknown or new seller with an unestablished reputation.

Interestingly, in terms of revenue, the global synthetic sapphire market has been estimated to be worth $6.1 billion in 2021. However, as the demand for artificial sapphires is also high, you may get them instead. So, you also need to make sure whether it is a natural or synthetic piece that you are about to buy.

Get the papers

The paperwork is what will help you verify the authenticity of your purchase. How would you know you were getting what you paid for without it? To prove ownership, having all the paperwork with your jewelry is crucial. These can be useful in the event of an incident, a receipt or insurance cover will only solve it.

Asking for documentation can seem like an awkward conversation because it requires direct questions about the authenticity and value of a product. But something fishy can happen if this information is not readily available online. So taking precautions now could save you from being scammed later.

Know Your Gemstones

Before buying sapphire, you need to understand what type of stone you are buying. Sapphires are a type of gemstone that can be found in many colors, but not all of them will give you the same value or longevity. For instance:

  • Blue sapphires are the most common type and are often referred to as “fancy” blue sapphires or simply “blue” sapphires. They are generally known for their intense hue, ranging from light sky blue to deep indigo and everything in between.
  • Fancy red sapphire stones have become more popular lately as they signify passion and loyalty. Unfortunately, a fancy red sapphire is rarer than standard red gemstones like rubies or garnets. However, this does not mean that these gemstones should cost much more than other colored stones. If anything else about the price seems fishy, ​​then maybe it’s time to shop around a bit more.

Beware of low prices

If a seller offers something for a low price, it’s probably a scam. The time and effort put into creating products like this does not justify the low price.

If you find a gemstone cheaper than the market price, there will usually be a reason for it. Even if it’s just that they don’t know better or are looking to sell as quickly as possible. While you can often get a good deal by buying in bulk. But make sure your supplier has been vetted before making big online purchases.

Consider the setting

If you are buying sapphire jewelry online, remember that the setting is just as important as any other aspect of the piece. Sapphire stones can be set in gold, silver and platinum. Depending on your budget and style, you may want to consider a frame that complements the color of the stone. For example, if you choose a white sapphire with a yellowish tint, look for a white gold setting. But, if your stone has more blue tones or even purple tints, then platinum or silver will be better options as they complement those colors.

It would be helpful if you also consider if the frame is safe and well made in terms of construction. For example, you may notice imperfections, such as bumps along the lines of the pins, which could indicate chipping during shipping and possibly damage during wear. Other factors like loose claws are also caused by worries when buying jewelry online.

Talk to customer service

If you have a question about an item, no matter how small, do not hesitate to speak to the seller. However, if you’re worried about being too pushy, remember that these are real people behind their websites and they stand behind what they’re selling. They want you to be happy with your purchase.

You can always call or visit their showroom if it makes you feel safer to make such a large purchase. However, if nothing else works for them or themselves, asking for references will force them to give information about themselves and make sure that person is legit.

Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Sapphire Jewelry Online With These Tips

In 2021, the size of the global jewelry market was estimated at $249.02 billion, which is huge. With the growth of the jewelry market, the rate of online jewelry scams is also expected to increase. If you’re looking to buy expensive sapphire jewelry online, these tips will help you avoid getting scammed.

Of course, you still have to buy from a reputable seller and do the paperwork. You should also know the details of sapphire and its properties. Also beware of low prices. Finally, consider setting and other factors such as quality, size, and weight when shopping for expensive sapphire jewelry online.

In addition to these tips, speaking with customer service before making purchases is essential. They should be able to answer any questions that may arise during the transaction process or after receiving your order. This may include any refund/return issues.

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