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JJ Martin’s vintage jewelry collection tells his love story with accessories

Travel with jewelry is our series that explores the relationship with jewelry beyond adornment – as a force to transform, empower and even tap into the energy of the past. From timeless favorites to vintage heirlooms, the meanings we place on these decorative items vary and reveal more than our style preferences. This edition is […]

Jewelry collection

Harry Winston’s LOVE fine jewelry collection celebrates, well, love – Robb Report

LOVE is in the air at Harry Winston. The brand’s new high jewelry collection tells a step-by-step love story that interprets the four phases of emotion, from sparks of early passion to vows of commitment. The 39 models are categorized into sub-collections called Light, Obsession, Vow, and Eternal. All are limited to varying degrees, with […]

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AWNL brings solid geometric art to meteorite jewelry design

Swedish jewelry brand AWNL takes pride in the art of geometry, unconventionally installing the pyramid – a three-sided polygon with three vertices – in a meteorite to give the wearer special beauty. Defying the difficulty of traditional craftsmanship, AWNL managed to cut meteorite pieces into solid geometric shapes with Muonionalusta’s Widmanstätten pattern fully preserved and […]

Jewelry design

Custom jewelry design niche allows you to express yourself and make your customers happy too

How can I express myself in the custom design and make the customers happy too? Customers will have preferences regarding gemstones and type of metal, but beyond that there is room for artistic freedom and design direction, says T Lee, lead at T Lee Custom Designer. Jewelry from Minneapolis. It’s also important to understand who […]

Jewelry design

Mutter Founder Helena Vieira Talks About Jewelry Design

“Battered metal” – this is the Instagram biography of Mutter, a UK based jewelry brand founded by Helena Vieira. The phrase, which recalls the strength and malleability of Vieira’s choice materials, is an apt description for this. The designer, who discovered her passion for metalwork during her studies in Lisbon, traces a path between hard […]

Jewelry collection

Graziela’s new men’s jewelry collection is great for dads and graduates – JCK

When JCK checked with Graziela Kaufman, founder of Graziela, last summer she casually mentioned an upcoming men’s collection. It debuted in April, and if you expected a little half-hearted capsule to complement its super-glamorous, super-gemstone feminine pieces, you’d be a far cry from the basics. What we have here is a robust, fully realized line […]

Jewelry collection

FUTURA Jewelry launches the first mercury-free gold jewelry collection to reduce the global threat of mercury emissions to our planet

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – After more than 30 years at the helm of some of the world’s most prestigious luxury jewelry brands, FUTURA founder Bob Donofrio discovered the harsh reality of the environmental impact of gold mining for jewelry production: 99% of the world’s gold supply is produced by emitting toxic chemicals, including mercury and […]

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Good Company: the luxury e-merchant who maintains the honesty of the fine jewelry industry

Finematter creates an online jewelry shopping experience, as if consumers have physically walked into a physical store, met the designer in person, and seen the jewelry made first-hand. Fine material Text size Throughout the pandemic, the fine jewelry industry has seen surprising growth in demand, while most other sectors have seen at least some downturn. […]

Jewelry collection

Gold Zone launches a wide range of 18k gold jewelry in its online store

Gold Zone, a jewelry brand known for its premium and high-quality ornaments, recently announced the launch of a new assortment of fine gold jewelry. DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 6, 2021 / – As representatives of the brand have suggested, the beautiful collection of jewelry is not limited to any particular category of offerings. The […]