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A look at Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic platinum jewelry collection

[ad_1] (PRESS RELEASE) Queen Elizabeth II is known for her spectacular and meaningful jewelry collection. Many of these iconic pieces are set in platinum. This noble metal, one of the strongest natural materials on the planet, also has superior longevity. Since the designs are in platinum, they will last for generations to come. Platinum Guild […]

Jewelry industry

JCK Releases State of the Jewelry Industry 2020 Report: COVID-19 Business Impact

[ad_1] (PRESS RELEASE) NORWALK, CT – JCK released its 2020 State of the Jewelry Industry: COVID-19 Business Impact report, which surveyed jewelers before and during the pandemic, making it one of the premier resources for monitor industry response and outlook in a COVID-19 focused world. The results captured in the report show that the majority […]

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Hurry, the CPAA Pearl Jewelry Design Contest is ending soon! – JCK

[ad_1] In June, the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) announced that it was accepting applications for its annual international pearl design competition. Registrations are expected on October 2, that is to say in less than two weeks. And it’s worth putting everything aside to get your submission in. Why ? Now in its 11th […]

Jewelry collection

Balfour Bows Class jewelry collection designed by Kendra Scott – JCK

[ad_1] Class rings are apparently still a thing. And with a new school year starting this way and that way, high school and college students may have started thinking about ordering theirs. Because wearing jewelry is never canceled. And college students who want their ring to be current, chic, and as far removed from a […]

Jewelry industry

This online startup challenges the traditional jewelry industry with conflict-free diamonds and personalized engagement rings

[ad_1] When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. True True appears in every alternative jewelry buyer’s search and cheap jewelry websites. What makes buyers stay and stay loyal to the company comes down to these factors: beautiful styles, high quality, transparency and personalization. For a jewelry […]